Day 2 - Monday 3rd December

Lincluden Primary School & Dalbeattle Primary School

Rise and shine!

When at home, I'm usually woken by Toto, my houseboy, with a gentle shake of the shoulder and a cup of coffee. Or, if he's particularly clumsy, a cup of hot coffee in the face. This morning, I was woken by the alarm on my mobile phone which I found VERY difficult to switch off.

Michael was kind enough to search the flowerbed outside my hotel room window and return my mobile before breakfast.

Because I'm very conscious of my weight, I ate a full Scottish breakfast, along with various fruit, yoghurt, toast etc. You don't get to have a fine, manly figure such as mine with careful dieting and exercise, I'll have you know.

Breakfast plate
To bake bean or not bake bean, that is the question

First stop

Armed only with some chocolate muffins and mini cheeses for the car journey, we headed off in the Ardaghmobile for Lincluden Primary School which combined with pupils from Springholm Primary to make up the audience of my first event.

I was, of course, sensational, with some of these moments captured on film by a 'Steve' a photographer for the local press. [Names may have been changed because I can't remember them properly.]

The event over, I was carried, shoulder high, back to the Ardaghmobile by children and teachers alike, weeping with gratitude and upset at the thought of my departure... so why this photo shows me totally alone, I can't imagine. (And they say that the camera never lies.)

Outside Lincluden
After the first event

Take two

After lunch in a local hostelry, washed down with three pints of Coke -- from one of those squirty-hose dispensers, rather than from proper bottles -- it was off to Dalbeattle Primary School for a wonderfully warm welcome from them and children from Colvend Primary.

It was one of those events where everything fell into place beautifully. The audience was fantastic as, of course, was I. We all had a thoroughly enjoyable time and I was sorry to leave...

...eventually, however, I was discovered hiding in the piano and carried, wailing, back to the Ardaghmobile. Memories of the day will stay with me for a long time, though, like a food stain on a favourite silk tie.

How can our second day of events be better than this? I eagerly await tomorrow.

Philip on steps of stage
Me at Dalbeattie, the 'prickly hay' doesn't refer to my beard

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