Day 3 - Tuesday 4th December

Laurieknowe Primary School & Mouswald Primary School

Today has been another excellent day. We've had a warm welcome wherever we've gone, and warmth is what we needed temperatures regularly dropping to below minus three degrees.

Scraped windscreen
The Ardaghmobile windscreen AFTER Beth had 'scraped the ice off.' Can't get the staff!


At Laurieknowe Primary School, they even have a pretend fireplace in the reception area, with stockings hanging from the mantelpiece, and a pretend carrot and pretend glass of milk left out for Father Christmas. The flames may not have been real, but it left me with a warm fuzzy feeling.

(Talking of warm and fuzzy, my beard says, "Hi!")

The event itself was lots of fun with lots of laughter with no serious injuries to me or to the members of the audience.

After this, we headed off for a snack lunch at a hotel... where I met a very small suit of armour indeed.

Philip next to armour
Is there anyone IN there?


This afternoon, we went to Mouswald Primary School. The school only has EIGHT pupils in it. Yes, eight as in 8, as in one more than seven and one less than nine: EIGHT. And that's the whole school.

You got that? Good.

But today they invited pupils from Collin Primary and Cummertrees Primary, so it was packed.

Once again, my event was so superb that I'm surprised that they let me go, rather than locking me in the cupboard to use as a teaching resource at a later date. (I often get locked in cupboards...)

I had a particularly good time, because I was able to 'drive' around on one of those office chairs with castor wheels and pretend to be in a car.

Outside, it was magically misty moo...

Philip looking blue
I may look blue but I felt great.

Misty landscape
A landscape ALMOST as beautiful as me.

I can only imagine what a true delight it must be for Michael and Beth from the Scottish Book Trust to be looking after me on tour. I expect Christmas will be a bit of a let down for them after this.

Now, it's getting late and I've my beard to comb before bed (That shouldn't take longer than an hour-and-a-half.)

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