Day 4 - Wednesday 5th December

Troqueer Primary School & Moffat Academy

A snuggly surprise

I was woken this morning to find a member of the #philipontour support team wrapping my scarf tightly round my neck whilst muttering, "I just can't take it any more!"

This level of author care is AMAZING.

Obviously concerned that I might be cold when I awoke, he couldn't take the pressure of worrying about it any more and went to the trouble of stealing a key, creeping into my room -- so as not to wake me -- and popping the scarf around my neck.

If it hadn't been for the childish behaviour of the other team member bursting in and pulling him off me -- with cries of, "Don't be a fool! Ardagh ain't worth it! Think of your family!" -- I may well have slept through the whole thing.

I had a fish and poached egg for breakfast.

First stop

First stop was Troqueer Primary where I was greeted by bearded children...

Bearded children
But which one is me?

...and WANTED posters.

Wanted poster
Great Heavens, I'm handsome.

The Troqueer Primary staff and pupils had done SO much preparation, were so wonderfully welcoming, and asked some brilliant questions that I was sorry to leave. I wanted us to take the school's piano with us, as a little something to remember them by -- not that we asked, or anything -- but we couldn't get it in the back of the Ardaghmobile.

Next stop

Our next venue was the Moffat Academy with children from Beattock Primary and Johnstonebridge Primary too.

The hall was big, modern and beautiful -- a lot like me -- and I got to use an excellent wireless microphone, which gave me a chance to do plenty of sound effects and to sing snatches of my favourite songs.

O, lucky, lucky children.

When we first drove into the academy's carpark, we drove straight out again (by mistake). When it came to leaving, however, we seemed to take every wrong turn possible and it began to look like we may NEVER leave...

To the borders

When we did finally escape the carpark, we said goodbye to Dumfries and Galloway and headed for the Scottish Borders, passing through some stunning countryside.

Hilly landscape
Let's head for the pass!

There are only three CDs in the Ardaghmobile. They're all of Christmas song. 80 tracks in all.

Tomorrow, I think I may throw them out of the window.