Who we are

We work hard for you

At Scottish Friendly, you’ll find people who are enthusiastic about saving and investing, professional when it comes to investing your money and helpful in the service we give you.

We’re a mutual, offering you investments as well as insurance products and services.

When you start putting money away in a Scottish Friendly investment plan or you buy our life cover, you automatically become a member (or owner) of the Scottish Friendly.

As a mutual we don’t have shareholders. That’s good for you. Why? Simply, because we don’t have to pay shareholders dividends. All the profit we make is used for your benefit.

Over 150 years of experience

Scottish Friendly - Over 150 years of experience.

We were established in 1862 as the City of Glasgow Friendly Society. In 1992, following the transfer of business from a Scottish-based mutual, we adopted the name Scottish Friendly Assurance. Today Scottish Friendly operates as a financial services group dedicated to the efficient provision of a wide range of financial products and services. We are based in Glasgow and our staff is dedicated to providing the best in customer service. In 2006 Scottish Friendly launched a wrap administration business through its Scottish Friendly Insurance Services subsidiary. The success of this business was recognised when the global financial services organisation, Citi, bought the business in December 2011 for a premium value that will ultimately create benefits for Scottish Friendly members. Another significant milestone in Scottish Friendly’s history was reached on 1 June 2015 when we took over the business of Marine and General Mutual. The takeover doubled Scottish Friendly’s assets to over £2 billion.

You get more

Scottish Friendly looks after assets worth more than £2.6 Billion (as at 31/12/15) and has over 490,000 members.

In addition to mutual benefits, we give you more. With Scottish Friendly you get access to fund managers who are experts in their field.

We also provide an efficient service. That’s also friendly for your purse, because it saves you money. For example, when you take out one of Scottish Friendly's life policies you’ll find we have some of the lowest costs of administering policies in the industry.

Scottish Friendly prides itself on maintaining some of the lowest renewal costs of life companies in the UK. We aim to deliver value to members, investors and corporate partners through a combination of tax efficiency, mutuality, administration service delivery and efficient management.

What we provide


Scottish Friendly Asset Management Limited markets OEIC, ISA and Junior ISA products.

Scottish Friendly Insurance Services Limited offers back office support services for financial services organisations.

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