Our customer's stories

Here you can read comments and stories provided by our customers about their experience of Scottish Friendly, our products and services.

So far great service, great product would recommend if you are saving for your children's future.

James Ozmond, Bournemouth

I was very pleased with how easy the plan was to set up and the small investment needed. The small amount each month allowed me to invest without missing the money.

Mrs Besford, Bedlington

My wife and I always struggled to put money away each month, but now we find it easy. Thanks Scottish Friendly.

Craig Law, Smethwick

I was very happy with the response and documentation the plan offered. It was clear and provides a great opportunity to save for something special in years to come.

Sunil Bedi, Colnbrook, Berkshire

I found my experience with dealing with Scottish Friendly extremely pleasant, helpful & extremely professional.

Miss Hamilton, Dagenham

Having had previous policies with Scottish Friendly it seemed only natural that I look at their policies again, and I was not dis-satisfied. The spread of policies, as with most company's, was daunting for the un-initiated but these were thoroughly explained and easy to understand. The application form was easy to understand and complete and the speed that the policy documents arrived on my doorstep was commendable. Thanks again Scottish Friendly.

James Brown, Glasgow