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Christmas winners 2019

Day of draw Prize Winner
Tuesday 3rd December £150 Marks and Spencer voucher Hamish Shek
Wednesday 4th December £150 Love2shop voucher Quadsia Khan
Thursday 5th December £150 Primark voucher Paul Lovegrove
Friday 6th December £150 Argos voucher Jermone McVeigh
Saturday 7th December £150 TK Maxx voucher Neil Campbell
Sunday 8th December £150 Tesco voucher Alison Whittam
Monday 9th December £150 Marks and Spencer voucher Bev Marchi
Tuesday 10th December £150 Primark voucher Charlene Ogg
Wednesday 11th December £150 John Lewis voucher Jodie Jamieson
Thursday 12th December £150 Love2shop voucher Piers Haggard
Friday 13th December £150 Argos voucher James Smith
Saturday 14th December £150 TK Maxx voucher Shaun Frost
Sunday 15th December £150 John Lewis voucher Anne Marie Saunders
Monday 16th December £150 Tesco voucher Diane Crimes
Tuesday 17th December £150 Marks & Spencer voucher David Neil
Wednesday 18th December £150 Love2Shop voucher Christopher Eastman
Thursday 19th December £150 Primark voucher Simon Shaw
Friday 20th December £150 Argos voucher Michael Molyneux
Saturday 21st December £150 TK Maxx voucher Christine Sutton
Sunday 22nd December £150 John Lewis voucher Andrew Taylor
Monday 23rd December £150 Marks & Spencer voucher ?
Tuesday 24th December £150 Tesco voucher ?


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