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Happy ISAversary

April 6th not only signifies the new tax year but it also marks the 20th ISAversary

Celebrating 20 years of ISA

ISAs turn 20 this year, so the Individual Savings Account (ISA) around since 1999 has truly stood the test of time. To celebrate we've started our ISAversary celebrations early. Bringing you information about ISAs, how we are making investing available to everyone and of course our ISAversary prize draw!

Now that's worth celebrating...

ISA quick guide

Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) are designed to help people like you make the most of your money, by saving or investing tax-efficiently. Here's a quick guide to how they work.

There are four types of ISA for adults: Investment ISA, Cash ISA, Innovative Finance ISA and Lifetime ISA. You can have one of each in each tax year.

Your annual tax efficient allowance is £20,000 for the tax year 2018/2019. This is the total amount that you can save or invest in your ISAs.

Tax is not charged on any interest earned or gains made (other than dividends from UK shares) within an account.

Getting started with investing

What if I have a cash ISA?


You could make the most of your ISA allowance by taking out an Investment ISA too. As long as you don't exceed your ISA allowance of £20,000 you can have both a Cash ISA and Investment ISA in the same year.

Looking to invest for a child


A Junior ISA could help you build a long-term investment using the child's Junior ISA allowance. Once invested the money belongs to the child and they can access it when they turn 18.

Have a fear of investing?


If so, you're not alone. Our recent research found that the majority of people were nervous about the idea of investing. That's why, at Scottish Friendly, we're trying to take the fear out of investing by tackling some popular misconceptions.

Want to know more about our ISAs?

At Scottish Friendly, we specialise in and offer a range of Investment ISAs, that let you manage your investments to suit your circumstances, starting from £10 a month or more.

Our Investment ISAs offer tax-effcient investing, putting your money to work using the long-term growth potential of the stock market.

ISAversary Prize Draw

Open a new ISA or Junior ISA or add another pot to an existing ISA or Junior ISA from the 6th March up until the 30th April 2019, and you could win one of 20 £1000 cash prizes.

Terms and conditions apply. No purchase necessary.

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