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Enjoy flexible, affordable payments

When times are uncertain, committing to taking out a new ISA could feel like a risk you can’t afford. That’s why, at Scottish Friendly, we’re helping our customers to save and invest in the way that suits them.

You're in control

We know that life isn’t always predictable. So that’s why some of our Investment ISAs put you in control of what you pay and when, helping you deal with whatever life throws at you.

Stop or decrease your payments if life gets in the way of your finances.

Restart or increase your payments when times are good and you can afford to put a bit more away.

Decide if you want to automatically increase your monthly payments by a small amount each year, which could add up.

Our handy mobile app helps you manage your payments quickly and easily.

Take a look at our Investment ISAs offering flexible, affordable payments from £10 a month

Our Investment ISAs offer tax-efficient investing, putting your money to work using the long-term growth potential of the stock market.

My Easy Choice (ISA)

ISA with a guarantee

Added peace of mind with a guarantee to get back at least as much as you've invested on your 10-year anniversary. Provided no switches or withdrawals are made.

Start from just £10 a month, or a lump sum from £100.

Stop, decrease or increase your monthly payments whenever you need to.

You invest in just one fund - keeping it as straightforward as it gets.

My Choice (ISA)

Tailor your fund choice

A choice of 9 carefully selected funds to choose from, allowing you to invest in the way that you feel comfortable. 

Start from just £10 a month, or a lump sum from £100.

Stop, decrease or increase your monthly payments whenever you need to.

Flexibility to invest in more than one fund or change funds throughout your term. You have the control.

Looking to invest more?

If you're looking for a shortlist of funds, don't need the flexibility to change your payment options and can afford to pay in £100 a month or a lump sum from £2,000, then our My Prime (ISA) could be right for you.

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