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Disposable Income insights

We’ve surveyed a representative sample of the UK population to gauge the financial health of the nation. How do you match up?

Disposable Income Index

A quarterly commissioned report for Scottish Friendly

Scottish Friendly’s Disposable Income Index (DII) survey goes behind the headlines to reveal what people actually have in their pockets after they have paid their bills, mortgages, rent and done their weekly shopping. In other words, what their disposable income actually is. And do they have enough left to save or invest each month?


Using our latest survey data and in-depth analysis, we reveal how much cash UK households really have to spend. We break the data down by age, region, employment status and more.

DII explained

Watch as our savings expert Calum Bennie explains all about the Scottish Friendly Disposable Income Index.

Disposable Income tool

Find out about household disposable incomes throughout the UK – all at the touch of a button. You can even compare your household financial situation with other household groups.

This interactive tool allows you to compare finances from a comprehensive range of demographics

Investment ISAs with Scottish Friendly

We have over 150 years experience as a mutual society and our Investment ISAs can be opened from as little as £10 a month. 

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