Your friendly guide to Mutuals

Discover what sets mutuals like us apart. And even better, how being a part of one can benefit you.

The friendly guide to Mutuals explains what makes a mutual like Scottish Friendly different and what being part of one means for you...


What is a mutual?

No shareholders

Mutuals are different from traditional companies. For a start mutuals are owned by you, the customers. 

Unlike public limited companies with shareholders to satisfy, mutuals serve only one interest. Yours.

Community ethos

Mutual insurers like Scottish Friendly have a rich history dating back hundreds of years.

Mutuals are all about supporting the community and giving people the power to manage their money and control their own future.

As they're owned and run by their customers, creating a sense of community and care for helping people reach their financial goals is at the heart of mutuality.

Mutuals in the UK - a quick overview

Mutuals are still going strong in the UK, looking out for their members and the communities they serve. 

Just like other financial providers, mutuals strictly follow the rules set by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. 

A heritage of helping

At Scottish Friendly, we're dedicated to helping you and your family achieve financial wellbeing through friendly products and customer care.

We've been helping people just like you plan for their futures since 1862. We believe in making saving and investing accessible to everyone. Not just a select few.

As one of the largest mutual life offices in the UK, we’re proud to operate without shareholders. This means that any profits we make are either distributed to our members or reinvested for their benefit.

We want our members to have a voice. Shaping our organisation through elected delegates, ensuring all views get heard.

We don't just operate responsibly because we have to, either. As a mutual, delivering value to our members, investors, partners, and community really matters to us. We're not just about ticking boxes. It's not just a job for us.  It's a commitment to making a positive impact.

We're proud to have a history spanning over 160 years. Scottish Friendly has been dedicated to serving the community since its inception, and we're still going strong.

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Investing for all, all through life

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