Forces Mutual in Partnership with Scottish Friendly

Forces Mutual has teamed up with Scottish Friendly to give you the chance to start investing for the future.

My Sovereign Investment (ISA) is tax-efficient investing, using your ISA allowance and the long-term growth potential of the stock market.

Capital at risk, except on your 10-year anniversary. Tax rules apply.

monthly payment

Start investing from just £10 a month.


Invest alongside other ISA types up to your annual £20,000 ISA limit.

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Stay in control - stop, restart, increase or decrease your monthly payments anytime.

Please note that Scottish Friendly doesn’t offer a Cash ISA. Keep in mind stock market investments can go down as well as up, so you could get back less than you’ve paid in, except on your 10-year anniversary. Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and tax rules could change in the future.

Your single fund investment choice

Get yourself a My Sovereign Investment (ISA), and:

  • Invest from £10 a month, a £100 lump sum - or both.

  • Your money will be invested in an investment policy within a Scottish Friendly ISA. This policy then invests in our Unitised With-Profits fund.

  • It comes with a minimum cash sum on your 10-year anniversary of investing (which is at least as much as you've invested). That's provided you don't make any withdrawals or switch money out of the fund.

  • Plus there's the potential for growth.

The fund information together with the Key Information Document (KID) gives you an overview of the fund, including any charges and should be read alongside the Product Guide.

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Medium risk

Unitised With-Profits Fund

A mixed-managed fund from Scottish Friendly where premiums are pooled with those of other clients and returns are linked to the performance of the underlying assets within the fund.

Discover what you might get back

See how your money could grow with a My Sovereign Investment (ISA) using our handy tool to provide examples.

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Important info before you get started

It takes about ten minutes to apply. You’ll need your bank details and your National Insurance number to hand.

Please make sure you’ve read the Product Guide and Key Information Document.

New customers

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Scottish Friendly doesn’t provide advice. The information provided should help you decide if the plan is suitable for you. If you’re not sure whether this plan is suitable, you should contact a financial adviser. Advisers may charge for providing such advice and should confirm any cost beforehand.

To apply for this ISA you need to be 18 or over and a UK resident. For the current tax year the overall maximum you can save across all your ISA types is £20,000. Please remember that this is a medium to long term investment (of at least 5 years, preferably 10). Your investment will grow free from tax, except for any tax we pay on your behalf (such as on dividends from UK shares). Tax treatment will depend on your own circumstances and may be subject to change in the future. Investments can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you’ve paid in, except on your 10-year anniversary.

Why invest with Scottish Friendly?

  • We've been helping families for over 160 years

  • Our contact centre is based in the UK

  • With no shareholders we work hard for you

  • Trusted by over 814,000 investors and looking after assets worth over £4.5 billion, as of 26th April 2023

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My Plans app

Take control of your Scottish Friendly ISA and Junior ISA investments wherever you are with the My Plans App. It offers a secure and easy way to manage your accounts, check your investments, and make changes on the go.

On your mobile or tablet, open the camera and point your device at the QR code. A link will pop up, tap this, and you’ll be taken straight to download the app.