When a tax break dies – follow up

The information provided in this article was accurate at the time of publishing and should be read in the context of the date it was published.

Interesting to note how quickly the industry moves these days when it comes to shutting products down. That’s L&G, Skandia and Transact all removing what were effectively high net worth individual tax dodges.

Whats more interesting however is Skandia’s assertion that they were already planning on pulling MIPs with RDR (banning commission) on the way next year. That does imply, to me, that in the age of commission/adviser fee transparency that at least one provider thought that MIPs wouldn’t survive even as a high net worth tax break.

Does that imply that their real benefit was in generating generous regular premium commission for financial advisers, rather than serving as a top up tax break for those already maxed out on their pension allowances? Makes you think, doesn’t it.