Donnie Maroot - World record attempt - most jokes in an hour

Donnie MarootNext month, our very own Donald MacLeod, Head of Actuarial, will be attempting to break a World Record.
On Wednesday 5th March, he will take to the stage in the Park Bar, Glasgow and attempt to tell more jokes in an hour than anyone has ever told. The event will be sponsored by Scottish Friendly.

Previous record holders

The record has previously been held by British comedian and television personality Tim Vine, however the current holder is Anthony Lehmann from Australia who told 549 jokes in one hour at the Rhino Room club in Adelaide on 25 May 2005.

We’ll be keeping up with Donald a.k.a. Donnie Maroot as he prepares himself for this great challenge. And we will be posting blogs, videos and more as the date draws nearer.

We caught up with Donnie prior to his record attempt for a quick video interview, we also set him a small challenge, see how he got on here.

We’ll even be Tweeting a joke a day from Donald’s very own Awful Joke Book– so why not follow us on Twitter and make sure you don’t miss out. You too can join in the fun and tweet your own favourite joke to @scotfriendly using the hash tag #DonnieMaroot

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Tell us a joke on Vine and you could win a £100 Ticketmaster voucher!

It’s really easy, all you have to do is tweet us a Vine between 24th February – 4th March 2014, telling us a joke in 6 seconds. Donnie Maroot will then pick his favourite Vine from all the entrants and the lucky winner will win a £100 Ticketmaster voucher. To see how easy it is to enter, click here.

If you'd like to donate

All proceeds from the event will be split between four charities in the Western Isles:

  • The Bethedsa Care Home and Hospice in Stornoway
  • Harris House in Tarbert
  • Tagsa Uibhist in Benbecula and
  • Cobhair Bhrraigh in Castlebay

If you'd like to make a donation please visit Donald's Just Giving page here. All donations are greatly appreciated and Donald would like to thank you in advance for all contributions.


Scottish Friendly caught up with Donald and asked a few questions about comedy and the big event.

Do you write your own jokes?
"Yes, they’re all original jokes."

How will you deal with hecklers?
"Tell them another joke – with around one joke every six seconds there’s no time to waste!"

What do you prefer - actuarial work or comedy?
"I think comedy is a good release from actuarial work."

Why have you specifically chosen these four charities to support through your joke books?
"Because I’m originally from the Western Isles myself."

What makes you laugh?
"Father Ted and Blackadder."

Do you think you can beat the record?
"Yes, I am quite optimistic."

Who is your funniest colleague?
"Um, pass!".

Tell us your favourite joke:
"Where’s the best place in South Africa to get a Batman outfit? Cape Town!"

Donald will be attempting the World Record for most jokes told in an hour on Wednesday 5th March at the Park Bar, 1202 Argyle St, Glasgow G3 8TE