2014 news & press releases

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15.12.14 Press release 1 in 10 take second jobs to pay for Christmas Scottish Friendly survey reveals
01.12.14 Press release Scottish Friendly research shows savings plight of zero hour workers
28.10.14 Press release A novel experience for Falkirk and Ayrshire teens
27.10.14 Press release Save for the children
23.10.14 Press release Friends feud over finances
13.10.14 Press release One in 10 worry about running out of money … on payday!
24.09.14 Press release 9m Brits dip into savings to make ends meet
16.09.14 Press release Inverclyde Pupils Book in for a ‘Really Wild’ Encounter
01.09.14 Press release Wasteland Britain: £4.5bn worth of food discarded each year
04.08.14 Press release £65 billion in savings left stagnating in ‘sloth accounts’
28.07.14 Press release 20.5 Million people plan to rely on state benefits when they retire
01.07.14 Press release New Cash ISA limits - A damp squib?
30.06.14 Press release I'm not raving, I'm saving
16.06.14 Press release Scottish Friendly brings book tour to south of England
16.06.14 Press release UK disposable incomes on the rise
15.06.14 Press release Scottish Friendly reveals what keeps dads awake at night
10.06.14 Press release Mannone Mission: Scottish Friendly names Super Saver!
03.06.14 Press release Scottish Friendly gives Father’s Day socks appeal
02.06.14 Press release Women keep up with men when it comes to saving
16.05.14 Press release Children’s Laureate books in to Scottish cities
09.05.14 Press release Scottish Friendly launches National Football Team ISA
07.05.14 Press release ISA ignorance! Baffled Brits could be missing out
30.04.14 Press release Scottish Friendly announces increase in funds
14.04.14 Press release Britons left with just £148 after bills each month
01.04.14 Press release Scottish Friendly becomes the first to outline its 'NISA'
05.03.14 Press release Poetry please in Renfrewshire with Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour
24.02.14 Press release Scottish Friendly appoints MRM
18.02.14 Press release South Westerners are savviest ISA savers
31.01.14 Press release Scottish Friendly launches Onshore Bond on Ascentric and IFDL platforms
27.01.14 Press release Scottish Friendly forges ahead with record sales in 2013
13.01.14 Press release Hull hosts first Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour of 2014