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We're Scottish Friendly

At Scottish Friendly we believe saving and investing is for everyone.

Invest for yourself

Make use of the long-term growth potential of the stock market and put a little aside for yourself.

My MoneyBuilder Select (ISA)

My UK Tracker Select (ISA)

My Select (ISA)

Scottish Bond

Invest for your child

Invest for your child's future to help them take their first footsteps into adult life.

My Select (Junior ISA)

Child Bond

Why choose Scottish Friendly?

  • Since 1862

    We've been helping families to save and invest for over 150 years and proud to be one of the largest mutuals in the UK.

  • We're a mutual

    As a mutual, we're owned and run for the benefit of our members. We don't have shareholders, so any profits are normally reinvested for the interest of our members.

  • You're protected

    Your money is protected by the Financial Services Compensations Scheme.