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Discover a different approach to over 50s Life Insurance

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What is Over 50s Life Insurance?

Over 50s life insurance allows you to plan ahead and leave behind a fixed tax-free lump sum after you’re gone. Our My Mutual Guaranteed Over 50s Plan is a guaranteed way for anyone resident in the UK, aged from 50 to 74, to leave something behind for their loved ones.

It gives you peace of mind knowing that as long as the plan is up-to-date, they’ll receive a guaranteed lump sum payment that could help towards costs like funeral expenses or to help pay off any other outstanding bills.

You can set up your over 50s life insurance plan quickly and easily online and then get on with enjoying life, safe in the knowledge that your cover is in place.

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The Scottish Friendly Difference for Over 50s Life Insurance

There are no medical questions and you have guaranteed acceptance if you’re aged between 50-74 and are a UK resident.

Budget friendly cover from just 23p a day. Quote based on 50 year old, non-smoker with £2000 cover.

It costs the same each month, once you’re covered you’ve got peace of mind that your fixed monthly premiums will never go up.

There’s a guaranteed cash benefit after 2 years and immediate cover for accidental death.

What is different about Scottish Friendly’s Guaranteed Over 50s plan?

If you need to stop paying you can still keep some cover

With Scottish Friendly, once you’ve paid a minimum of 5 years’ worth of premiums, your loved ones will get a proportion of your cover amount back, when you’re gone, even if you need to stop paying. The amount they will receive is based on what you’ve paid into your plan and how long it is until your 90th birthday.


You may reach your full cash benefit early

Some of your premium participates in our With-Profits fund, and growth in the fund could result in us letting you know you can stop paying before age 90 safe in the knowledge that your cover is fully secure.






£100 Gift Voucher

When you sign up to our Guaranteed Over 50s Life Insurance Plan, and make six premium payments, you’ll get a £100 gift voucher to spend at lots of your favourite UK retailers. No cash alternative is available, and we reserve the right to alter, cancel or withdraw the offer at any time. Read the full terms and conditions.

How does our Over 50s Life Insurance work?

You choose the level of cover that suits you, from £2,000 up to £20,000, with a fixed monthly payment. You'll be fully covered after two years, and as long as you keep up your payments, the policy will pay out the guaranteed lump sum to your loved ones when you die.

Your policy also includes immediate accidental death cover, so your full pay-out will be made if you die in an accident within the first two years.

How much will my Over 50s Life Insurance Plan cost?

It could cost less than you think for the cover you want. Premiums are based on your current age, whether you smoke, and the lump sum amount you choose and start from just 23p a day.
Quote based on 50 year old, non-smoker with £2,000 cover.

Things to consider

The total paid in premiums could be more than the cash pay-out (depending on how long you live).

This is not a savings or investment product and has no cash in value at any time.

Over 50s Life Insurance plans are not designed to meet the full costs of a funeral and do not guarantee to do so.

As the cash sum is fixed, inflation will reduce its buying power over time.

In the event of your death the policy will be included as part of your Estate, which may be subject to Inheritance Tax.

Get a quote

Complete the short form and get an instant quote. Please make sure you’ve read the Key Facts and Terms and Conditions document for the My Mutual Guaranteed Over 50s Plan before you apply. Your acceptance is guaranteed if you are a UK resident aged 50-74. Full cover after 2 years.



Date of birth*

(You must be aged between 50 and 74)

Have you used any tobacco, e‑cigarettes, vaping or nicotine replacement products within the last 12 months?*

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(Minimum £2,000, maximum £20,000.)

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We won “Leading Mutual Insurer” at the 2023 World Business Outlook awards.

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