Working at Scottish Friendly

We make a number of promises to our colleagues with the aim of making Scottish Friendly one of the friendliest places we hope they'll ever work.


We're a truly diverse employer – not just the range of colleagues who work here, but also the variety of careers that we offer. Every job and every person is important because we're all focussed on enabling or delivering invaluable support to our members – helping them and their family, achieve financial wellbeing through friendly products and customer care.

Find out about the opportunities we have live now.

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Learn and develop

We're committed to colleague wellbeing, being paid fairly for the job you do, providing you with the skills and training to develop and building an environment where your views are welcomed.


We understand the importance of helping our new colleagues settle well into life at Scottish Friendly. Our induction is a vital part of that process in making you feel welcome and ready to contribute.

Graduate programme

The thought of life after graduating can be a daunting one. At Scottish Friendly, we understand that at this point you may not know what career path you want to focus on, so we give you the chance to experience loads of them. 


At Scottish Friendly, we have all kinds of colleagues doing all kinds of jobs. All our apprenticeships are aligned to specific needs within the financial services industry. 

Growing your skills & career

We want you to grow and develop with us. That means helping you grow your skills for the role you're in today, or maybe even the next role you want to be in later in your career.