Our induction for new colleagues

We understand the importance of helping our new colleagues settle well into life at Scottish Friendly. Our induction is a vital part of that process in making you feel welcome and ready to contribute.

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Following on from your interview and recruitment process, our HR team and your new manager will begin planning for your arrival, where you'll be set up with the right tools, system and processes needed from day 1. Your manager will create an induction plan for you which will include sharing key meetings to attend and a training plan for anything you need to help you get up to speed quickly.

Your first day

Welcome to Scottish Friendly! During your first day we'll set you up with the equipment and applications you need. Your manager will introduce you to the firm, get you to meet some of your colleagues and outline the appropriate health and safety information. After all, our people are our priority. You'll also learn more about our amazing benefits like holiday, pensions, healthcare and more.

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First week

Across your first week you'll get to learn more about the firm, your role and the part you play in supporting our customers and their family achieve financial wellbeing through our friendly products and customer care. Here you'll start to learn about our systems and processes, with plenty of people around you to help and ask questions. Depending on the role you'll be going into, that training may include some formal classroom training, on demand training and/or informal training with other colleagues and subject matter experts.

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Three months

Your manager will be checking in with you regularly and you should have had a few job chats. Our job chats really focus on you. It’s a great time to discuss any feedback, celebrate your successes and get support on areas of development. By month three, the objectives and priorities should be clear, and you'll be underway in starting to deliver some of them.

Within the first 3 months you'll also get to meet all our Executive team in our “Meet the Exec” induction. This is where all new colleagues will be invited to an induction session with our Executive team to hear their priorities, ask questions and get to know other friendly faces. Afterall, we really are a friendly organisation, it is not just a name but part of a culture we are extremely proud of.

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Six months

By now you'll have settled in well, you'll integrated into the team and will be delivering against some of those objectives and priorities. You'll have attended some of our quarterly colleague briefing sessions. These sessions aim to keep everyone up to date on business performance and celebrate some of the successes we've achieved.

Month 6 is also time for reflection. In addition to your monthly Job Chats, your manager will sit down and review the first 6 months with you, discuss what you've achieved against your objectives, and set goals for the rest of the year. This is also a great time to consider any areas of development and discuss these with your manager.

Overall, our induction program is all about setting you up for success in your role and giving you the tools and support you need to have a successful career at Scottish Friendly.

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