Growing your skills and career

At Scottish Friendly, we want you to grow and develop with us. That means helping you grow your skills for the role you are in today, or maybe even the next role you want to be in later in your career.

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Learning approach

To help you, we offer a wealth of support and development opportunities such as coaching with your manager, Job Chats to set objectives and discuss your development, and training to learn new skills.

This will be done through a mixture of on-demand, formal and informal learning, but you'll also be learning every day in the work you do. Afterall, learning does not just take place through the courses and training we have available, but through the projects and opportunities you'll get in your role, too. It is important to practice and develop those new skills in the work you do.

Whilst we've all these great opportunities available, your development is driven by you. It’s important to have a development plan, think about what your strengths and development areas are and discuss these regularly with your manager who will support you.

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