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Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour

2019 marks the 21st anniversary of The Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour in partnership with the Scottish Book Trust

Why is children's literacy important?

For 21 years, The Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour has supported the Scottish Book Trust on their mission to help improve children’s literacy. Initially touring within Scotland and more recently throughout the UK the programme focuses on deprived communities and remote areas with top authors visiting schools across Scotland and the rest of UK to help encourage a love for reading, writing and illustration.

Recent statistics highlight the need for literacy support within deprived areas – for instance, by school age, children from low income families are 12 months behind their contemporaries from higher income backgrounds in vocabulary. It is further estimated that 3 in 10 children within the UK do not own books. Together, we seek to help tackle these issues and give children a brighter future.

Since the tour began in 1998, we have seen 100,000 children across 1081 schools – that’s enough children to fill Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall 50 times! We have successfully toured 89 authors including Julia Donaldson, Jaqueline Wilson, Steve Cole and Michael Morpurgo and by the end of 2016 we reached 37% of the 2524 schools in Scotland.

Quick Fire Questions

To find out more about the 2019 Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour, we interviewed the following authors in a series of Quick Fire Questions to find out what it’s like on tour and what inspires each of them to do what they do

Answered on tour in Northern Ireland

Answered on tour in the West of Scotland

Answered on tour in Lanarkshire

2018 tour highlights


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