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Julia Donaldson

As a very special part of the all-star celebrations of the 20th Anniversary of the Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour, from 19 to 23 March best-selling children’s author Julia Donaldson visited libraries in Dundee, Stirling, Glasgow, the Scottish Borders and Dumfries & Galloway.


Julia_Donaldson_on _tour.jpg


Hundreds of school children took part in the special events with Julia, who has written more than 160 books and is a high profile supporter of libraries.

This was the second time Julia has joined the Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour, following her highly popular tour of libraries in 2012, which was attended by more than 1000 primary school pupils.

Julia Donaldson is a passionate advocate of libraries, and has spoken out on numerous occasions about the importance of librarians and the work they do. In 2016, Julia stated that:

Librarians can put the right books into the right hands. They can be up to date, read a lot themselves, and know the children really well.

The Magic Paintbrush

A performance of The Magic Paintbrush, performed by pupils from Holywood Primary School and Lochside Primary School as well as Julia and Malcolm Donaldson.


To find out more about Julia's tour, visit the Scottish Book Trust website.

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