Our people

We value our people. Learn more about how our management teams are structured and how we deliver our people-led values.


Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is made up of individuals who bring passion, experience and leadership to Scottish Friendly.

Board of Directors

  • John McGuigan, Chair

  • Kerr Luscombe, Vice-Chair

  • Anja Balfour

  • Susan Beckett

  • Mark Laidlaw

  • Mai Fenton

  • Olive Gaughan

  • Stephen McGee, Chief Executive Officer

  • Alan Rankine, Chief Financial Officer

Our Board works solely in the best interests of our customers. As a mutual, we don't have shareholders to answer to. That means we put all our energy into delivering for the people who matter most. You and your family.

Our Executive members

Find out more about the members of our Executive team at Scottish Friendly.

Our values and working for us

We’re proud of how we treat our people and they’re proud to work for us.

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