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Our people

We value our people. Find out more about the ways we seek to deliver our people led values and how our management teams are structured.

Our values

At Scottish Friendly we have three core values. We value our people and strive to make sure that we are doing the right thing and supporting everyone.


We're in this together

- We collaborate and value each other’s opinions

- We’re a small team with a big impact

- We support each other to thrive and grow


We care about our customers

- Our customers are at the heart of everything we do

- We’re committed to doing the right thing for our customers

- We listen to and learn from our customers


We keep moving forward

- We always see change as an opportunity

- Our progress is based on careful management of our risks

- We have the courage to test new ideas and learn from them

Board of Directors & Executive Team

Our Board doesn’t answer to shareholders – because we don’t have any. Our Directors and executive team work in the best interests of you - our members and customers - so that we can deliver the best products and service possible.

Board of Directors

  • David C. Huntley


  • Anja M. Balfour

  • Dermot J. Jenkinson


  • Gillian Watson

  • Susan Beckett

  • Kerr Luscombe

  • Mark Laidlaw

  • Stephen McGee

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Martin Pringle

    Chief Financial Officer

Executive team

  • Stephen McGee

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Martin Pringle

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Aileen Abernethy

    Customer Experience Director

  • Gen Humphreys

    Chief Risk Officer

  • Neil E. Lovatt

    Commercial Director

  • Jill Mackay

    Head of Marketing

  • Ian Neilson

    Operations Director

  • Alan Rankine

    Chief Actuary

  • Pam Simmons

    HR Director and Company Secretary

Delegate system and committee

Being a mutual means that we're accountable to our members, so it's important that they're able to have their views represented. This happens through our delegate system and committee.

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