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Here at Scottish Friendly, we are well aware that the world of finance can be perplexing, if not downright confusing for many people.

Friendly Guides

That’s why we have pooled our resources and called upon our collective years of financial experience to provide you with a new set of guides to help you try and make a bit more sense of what it all means.

We’ve called them ‘Friendly Guides’. They are all written in plain English and we hope you will enjoy reading them. We’ve made everything as clear as possible and tried to avoid using industry jargon and confusing acronyms. We’ve even included some nice pictures!

The first four in the series cover ISAs, Junior ISAs, Mutual Societies and Savings and Investments. You can download the guides below. We hope you will find them helpful and informative.

Friendly Guide to ISAs Friendly Guide to Junior ISAs
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to ISAs (PDF)
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to Junior ISAs (PDF)
Friendly Guide to Saving & Investing MutualGuide_thumbnail
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to Saving and Investing (PDF)
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to Mutuals (PDF)

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