Book Tour 2014 kicks off with Jonathan Meres

Jonathan Meares

This January the Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour will be hitting the road for the first time in 2014 with award winning author Jonathan Meres. The fabled touring mobile will be snaking its way southwards into the heart of Yorkshire for a week of brilliant events in Hull and Sheffield.

School will be far from the norm for almost 1500 primary and secondary pupils as Jonathan takes them on a hysterical journey through his World of Norm series of books, introducing them to his cast of larger than life characters.

Over the next few weeks we will bring you tales from the road along with videos, blogs and antics from the schools we have visited. In the meantime you can have a look at our author facts, book recommendations and activites or enter our competition for the chance to win a signed and dedicated copy of The World of Norm: May Contain Nuts (8-11 age range).

Author Factfile

  • Jonathan is the award winning author of The World of Norm series.
  • After leaving school Jonathan joined the merchant navy and has sailed around the world several times
  • Jonathan used to drive an ice cream van!

On the Bookshelf

The World of Norm: May Contain Nuts

Why is life so unfair? Calamity-prone teenager Norm has been wondering that a lot lately. His brothers are annoying, there’s no money to get new forks for his bike, his mum is addicted to the shopping channel, and if all that wasn’t enough, his family have decided to downsize to a new house.

The irritating new girl next door keeps threatening to put his epic bike fails on YouTube, and he can’t even find the toilet in his new place. But then, one day, Norm is presented with a tantalising ruse which might just get things going his way for once. Is life about to get less unfair for Norm?

Competition Time

For a chance to win a signed and dedicated copy of World of Norm: May Contain Nuts please answer this simple question:

What unusual job has Jonathan had?

a)    Ice cream taster

b)    Ice cream van driver

c)    Ben and/or Jerry’s personal assistant

d)    Chief flavour weaver at Wall’s

The closing date is Wednesday 15 January. To enter, please email your answer to: competitions (at) – along with your full name, address and who you would like the book dedicated to if you win. Read the full terms and conditions here.


Take a break from the norm with these excellent activities you can do at home:

  • Be an agony aunt or uncle
  • Play call my bluff
  • Create your own little book of big words

Keep up to date

You can keep up to date with Jonathan’s tour on Facebook and Twitter. And you can find out more about the Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour here.

Scottish Book Trust

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