Jonathan Meres Tour Blog Day Four

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Happy kids with books

You probably think it’s all glamour, this book touring malarkey, don’t you?  Oh, you don’t?  Well could you, please, for the purposes of this blog?  Just work with me here.  Thank you.

So, anyway, as I was saying, you probably think it’s all glamour, this book touring malarkey, don’t you?  A succession of glitzy hotels, my every whim being catered to, Jacuzzi in every room, an unlimited supply of Smarties with all the red ones taken out?  Yes?  That’s exactly what you were thinking, isn’t it?

Well I hate to disillusion you, but the reality is somewhat different.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been looked after just brilliantly this week on the Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour here in Yorkshire – so I certainly don’t want to appear churlish or ungrateful or possibly both.  But because of the tight schedule today in Hull, lunch consisted of a cheese roll eaten out of a paper bag en route between schools.  And I never even got to finish it because we needed to set up for the next session as soon as we arrived.  Not that I’m complaining.

Well, I suppose I am complaining really.  But I’m not expecting any sympathy, because the reason time was so tight was because I had to sign so many books after the morning session, it just wasn’t possible to sit down and have a proper lunch somewhere.  So as problems go, it was quite a nice problem.

All to say that #Normontour has since decamped to Sheffield and as I sit, typing this in my 4th floor hotel room we’re just about to go out for a nice slap-up Indian meal.  Once I’ve chucked the TV out the window, obviously.

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