Jonathan Meres Tour Blog Day Two

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Jonathan Meres

Day two – and try saying that and not doing it in an exaggerated comedy-Geordie accent like the Big Brother voice-over guy.  Not that I’d ever watch such lowest common denominator rubbish as Big Brother, you understand.  And besides, I’m more of a Strictly man myself.

Anyway, it’s the second day of the tour – and also our second day here in Hull.  Incidentally I’ve still not seen any former members of The Housemartins wondering the streets and I’m not best pleased.

On the plus side, in a couple of hours from now it’s Happy Hour again, so every cloud and all that.  (Apologies to anyone not picking up on the reference to the aforementioned cheeky chappy 80s popsters there by the way, but hey that’s showbiz.  Incidentally I hope all those who did pick up on it enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it).

In other news I had a run round the marina this morning which is where we’re staying.  So that was nice.  I say ‘we.’  That’s Beth and Antonia from Scottish Book Trust who are driving me around this week and feeding me bananas.  As opposed to feeding me this week and driving me bananas.  Perish the thought.  If anything it’s me who’ll be driving them bananas, having to listen to the same old rubbish time and time again.  Albeit the same old rubbish in a slightly different order.  Talking of which, another couple of cracking schools today.

Y7s/S1s (delete where not applicable) this morning at St. Mary’s College and a frankly astonishing looking brand new primary this afternoon which looked like a cross between a wedding cake, an art deco cinema and something Gaudi designed but which was rejected on the grounds of it being just a bit too wacky. It’s called Endike Academy if you’re interested.  Or even if you’re not.  Do yourself a favour and Google it.  (Other search engines are available).  Not only was the building itself amazing, but the staff were great and the children just gorgeous.  Hardly surprising given their surroundings and the environment they get to spend five days a week in.  Not exactly rocket science, is it?

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