Jonathan Meres Tour Round-up

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Jonathan Meres

The Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour took a trip down to Sunny Hull and Sheffield this month with the hilarious Jonathan Meres to entertain over 1400 pupils in 10 different schools!

Absolutely everyone that we visited was overwhelmingly enthusiastic, excited and excellent to work with.  The teachers and pupils had all prepared in advance – reading up on Jonathan through his website and trying to decide whether he really was in Bon Jovi or not! Fortunately the pupils were bursting to the brim with questions so everyone got an insight into the life of an author/actor/stand-up comedian/astronaut and what – or who – was the inspiration for the World of Norm.

We could never have anticipated the level of book sales from the tour – 1/3 children bought a book from the World of Norm series and every single school bought at least one class set – that’s fantastic  to see as that means that every pupil in the school will have access to the books if they’d like to read one.  That’s a lot of Norm books and a whole lot of signing for Jonathan!  The queues were massive – but then that’s a lovely problem to have.

Hull and Sheffield were very welcoming – it was lovely to meet so many enthusiastic and admirable teachers  and I’m sure that Jonathan would agree that we left feeling very contented with their level of engagement and passion towards reading and writing – mission accomplished!

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Scottish Book Trust

The above was provided by Antonia Clark. Antonia is the Schools Events Co-ordinator at Scottish Book Trust. Her favourite book when she was younger was ‘When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit’ by Judith Kerr. She now enjoys reading Spiderman comics and eating lots of sweeties!

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