James Carter Book Tour – Day Five

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Having very little hair myself, I felt a little underdressed as St Paul’s. It was CRAZY HAIR DAY! In the P3/4 classrooms there was spiky hair, spotty hair, stripy hair, pink hair, green hair, (this is sounding like a poem, isn’t it?) multi-coloured top knots not to mention back-combing with One Direction slides. Oh yeah!

There were many highlights in the session – including children guessing names of Pirate Pete’s parrot – Beaky was my favourite, and the choice of places to visit in Where Did We Go? – a poem in which we travel around the world – we ended up in Cake World (yum!) and Chocolate Land (tasty!) to name but a few! We even squeezed in the start of a Happy Poem…

Happy as a hedgehog

Yappy as a dog

Squeaky as a hamster

Jumpy as a frog

Beastly and brill! Thank you, St Paul’s!


What a perfect place to finish the tour, at Cross Arthurlie Primary. Before I began, Mrs Moncreiff’s P3 class did a rousing rendition of my ‘Splish Splash Splosh!’ poem. They’d  learnt it off by heart and given it some groovy actions. Nice one! Thank you, guys! Having done some action rhymes and obligatory riddles, we wrote two poems, an Ancient Egyptians’ kenning and a happy animal poem, featuring ponies, bats and hedgehogs!

After the book signing, the wonderful teachers, Mrs Moncreiff and Mrs Chapman took me into the classrooms to show me the poems the children had been writing. There was a fantastic version of my Splish Splash Splosh! …

BING BANG BONG (Author Unknown – but in Mrs Chapman’s class!)

Little bob

Bob little

In the pouch

Bing bang bong

Be happy

Or sad

Just play

Bing Bang Bong

And here’s an extract of a happy poem…

Happy Day (by Kyle in Mrs Chapman’s)

Happy day happy day to the cinemas

Happy day happy day to the sweetie shop

(the poem finishes off with a shape – a bed made of Zs!!!! (lovely one, Kyle!)

And finally Mrs Moncreiff showed me the class poem they had been writing to my instrumental piece ‘Big Bright Moon’ on my website, here’s an extract…

Rain Falling

Walking on leaves in park in Autumn

Bell in cafe to say lunch is ready

In an old church – choir

Dog barking in neighbour’s garden


Fabulous, guys, well done!


And finally it’s time to catch the plane back to England. I’m going to miss all the truly magnificent meals in the company of Beth and Antonia! What’s more, we had an excellent evening in the company of Calum Bennie from the splendid Scottish Friendly in Glasgow on Wednesday evening! Hopefully see you guys sometime soon, I’ve enjoyed every minute!

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