James Carter Book Tour – Day Three

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Oh wow, what a morning at St Cadoc’s! We were invited into the hall to discover a magnificent display of shape poems – poems in  the shape of computers, light bulbs, lollipops, water bottle, door, a shirt, all sorts! How imaginative! Great poems too. And, what’s more, they had done some amazing modrock models of my poems ‘Tree’ and ‘The  Moon Speaks!’ I just loved the model of the toilet and the dog at the bottom of the tree – to accompany the line from the poem ‘…to every dog it is a loo!’. Brilliant, guys! After my session, we had a double treat. First, class 4PA acted out a stunning performance of my poem ‘What Did You Do At School Today?’ – with loads of props including a plate with exactly the child’s lunch as I mention in the poem. Great attention to detail! Exactly twenty two baked beans. I counted!  And some funky Ancient Egyptians sand dancing!!! And no, I didn’t have hay fever at the end – but there were a few tears brimming up in my eyes. I was genuinely moved – thank you so much, guys, I really appreciate it!  After a book signing, I went to 4PA’s class to see their Viking longboat, and signed a copy of my poem ‘Viking O’Clock’ for them. Thank you, St Cadoc’s, for going well beyond the call of duty and doing such brilliant work! You were a great audience. Lovely air guitaring too during ‘Wild Thing’!


Had an absolute hoot of an afternoon at Crookfur Primary! A big thank you to smiley teacher Mr Mathis for talking bears with P5/6/7 (we did a bear kenning see), and Chosen One #1, pupil Cally – not to mention all the other chosen ones from beyond the Cosmic Portal (you had to be there…). Thank you for letting me play your keyboard and make some horrible cheesey 80s pop sounds as well, Ultravox meets Scooby Doo).

And – shock horror – we actually did another type of poem – a daisychain – a 5 word story. The last letter of the first word becomes the first letter of the second word and so on.  Here’s a couple…

The egg gives super rashes.

The elephant takes soup (politely).

And here’s one Beth and Antonia just came up with driving back in the car..

The extra-terrestrial lives somehere earthly.

A MEGA thank you to P6 for showing me their brilliant shape poems, a sun, an apple, a tree and many other delights! Thank you for a really fun session, peeps!

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