Games fever breaks out in Glasgow

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When it comes to sport, most people think of Glasgow for its famous old-firm football matches between Rangers and Celtic.

In just over a week’s time, all that will change when the city plays host for the first time to the Commonwealth Games between 23 July and 3 August.

It’s an exciting time for Scotland’s second city and one which all at Scottish Friendly are looking forward to tremendously.

Naturally, what everyone is looking forward to most of all is the sport itself. Athletics, aquatics, gymnastics, boxing, shooting and weightlifting are just some of the sports that are set to enthral. As the Tour de France’s British leg has recently shown, the British have taken to cycling in a big way so a very special draw at the Commonwealth Games is bound to be the cycling events held in the brand new Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome.

As well as the urban regeneration the Glasgow Commonwealth Games has created, it’s hoped that the healthiness of the athletes will rub off too on the City, encouraging couch potatoes nationwide to climb onto their rusty bike, take a plunge into the pool or pound the street in their new Nikes.

For Glasgwegians, and for people in the UK in general, it’s a great chance to get close to the heart of the action. Unlike this year’s World Cup, being at the Commonwealth Games does not involve spending thousands of pounds on travel and accommodation to far flung destinations.

Make the most of it. The next Commonwealth Games, in April 2018, are in the Gold Coast Australia. And for those who prefer soccer to athletics, the next World Cup, also in 2018, will be in Russia.

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