Making frugality fun

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Let’s face it; thriftiness is not the most exciting subject. Some are feeling the pinch today and many blogs, such as Miss Thrifty and Diary of a Frugal Family regularly include tips on how to make the pennies stretch further. A great number of these blogs are inspirational and motivating… but can frugality be fun in practice?

Well actually, it can be. Throwing a dinner party for a group of friends would generally be considered something of an extravagance for someone with little disposable income, but what about if each guest had to bring a dish along to the party? An event like this is good fun and frugal, too. You can submit your very best frugal recipes to us on Twitter, using the hashtag #ThriftyFamily.

For those of a certain age, a dinner party may not be the most enthralling prospect, but what if there was a way for the younger generations to have fun for free? Volunteering at a festival is another excellent way to have fun while spending very little. You don’t have to pay for your ticket, won’t work for the entire event and you stand to make some new friends while working, too.

Other alternative fun and frugal activities include car boot sales or even front garden sales, which are a good way of making some money, whilst spending time with friends and family. Taking some time to go through wardrobes and cupboards and getting rid of unused or unwanted items not only buys you more space, it is a good way of making a bit of extra cash when times are tough.

Many towns and cities have lists of free local events each weekend, which are especially useful for families struggling to entertain children on a tight budget. Summer months are easier, when parks and paddling pools offer free entertainment for little ones, but as the weather gets colder and the nights draw in, some creative thinking is in order. Free passes to museums and cinemas are a great way of engaging small people whilst sheltering from the rain.

If it is possible to put aside some of the extra cash you’re saving each month, you’ll be able to occasionally reward yourself with the odd treat. It turns out that frugality, whilst sometimes tricky, can be fun too. For more money saving tips, follow @ScotFriendly on Twitter and keep an eye on the #ThriftyFamily hashtag over the next few weeks.

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