Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour with Martin Brown

Competition Time!

To celebrate our upcoming tour to Orkney and Shetland with best-selling illustrator Martin Brown we are giving away a signed and dedicated copy of Horrible Histories: Scotland!

To be in a chance of winning this fantastic prize simply answer the question below:

Who is the author of the Horrible Histories series?

  1. Roald Dahl
  2. Jacqueline Wilson
  3. Terry Deary
  4. Nick Arnold

The closing date is Thursday 14 May.  To enter please add your answer as a comment below along with your name and email. View the full terms and conditions here.

About Martin Brown

Martin BrownBest known as the illustrator for the hugely popular Horrible Histories series, Martin’s drawings have brought the foul facts and nasty nuggets of history to life for millions of children across the world. Martin has been doodling and drawing cartoons for as long as he can remember – his lifelong motto being “the more you doodle, the more fun you will have”.

Martin will meet pupils from 19 different schools in Orkney and Shetland on the Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour for a week of events jam-packed with gruesome facts, horrible history and of course, lots and lots of doodling!

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Author Factfile

Martin was born and brought up in Melbourne, Australia.

When he left school he decided to train as an art teacher before realising it was too much like hard work!

Horrible Histories has been filling children’s heads with foul facts since 1993!

The Horrible Histories series has been adapted into a BAFTA award winning TV programme and stage show.

On the Bookshelf


ScotlandScotland is a small country with a huge history – mostly of war with England! Find out the terrible truth about William Wallace, shudder at sick Scottish torture techniques and find out how to terrify a tourist with gory Scottish ghost stories!

Learn how to play gruesome games like Twisting the Cow, see what the Scots used to do with burnt pigeon droppings, and discover whether you’re glaikit, douce or peelie-wally!


Savage Stone Age

Savage Stone AgeYou probably thought that Stone Age people spent all their time standing stones up on one end and rubbing sticks together to make fires. Not so! The savage Stone Age tribes knew lots of nasty ways to make history horribly exciting. They lived in caves, hunted wild animals and had mucky table manners bad enough to make you sick!

To find out more about the Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour check out the Scottish Book Trust website.

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