Scottish Friendly twins with Emma’s Diary on Junior ISA boost

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Scottish Friendly is proud to have been a savings and investment partner with Emma’s Diary, the pregnancy and parenting resource for mums and mums-to-be for several years now. This week Emma’s Diary has announced that, in conjunction with Scottish Friendly, it is to offer new parents a helping hand to build a nest egg for their child’s future.

New parents investing a minimum of £50 through Emma’s Diary website into a Scottish Friendly Junior ISA – either as a monthly or lump investment – will receive an additional £50 invested on behalf of the child donated by Scottish Friendly.

We know that saving for a child’s future is an important part of financial planning for many parents and grandparents and an additional £50 invested for the child could make a big difference for their future.

While, unlike its predecessor, the Child Trust Fund, the Government does not make a contribution to the Junior ISA, this £50 additional investment will go some way to make up.

This offer is available exclusively to members of Emma’s Diary and is accessible via its website Those looking for more information can also find out more in the free special Emma’s Diary and Scottish Friendly voucher contained in the Emma’s Diary New Family Gift Packs which are available from Boots and Argos. To qualify for the £50 voucher, £50 needs to have been paid into the account within 12 months of the policy start date. Full terms and conditions are available at

Please note: Stock market investments can go down as well as up so the child could get back less than has been paid in. Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and tax law may change in the future. The investment belongs to the child and is locked away until his or her 18th birthday.

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