Win a signed copy of Christiane Dorion’s new pop-up book How the World Began!

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Happy British Science Week everyone! Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour is celebrating all things Science by heading to Inverclyde, West Lothian and Dundee with the exciting author Christiane Dorion. If you’d like to follow our progress while on tour and learn some fascinating facts you can follow us on Twitter by searching #HowTheWorldWorksTour

Competition Time!

To celebrate British Science Week and Christiane’s upcoming tour we are giving away a signed and dedicated copy of her interactive and insightful new pop-up book How the World Began..

To be in with a chance of winning simply answer the question below:

According to Christiane’s book, how did the world begin?

  • A deafening ding
  • A big bang
  • A colossal crash
  • A sudden silence

The closing date is Thursday 17th March. To enter please add your answer as a comment below along with your name and email. View full terms and conditions here.

About Christiane Dorion

Christiane Dorion
Born in Quebec, Canada, Christiane is a brilliant nonfiction author and expert in education for sustainable development, and produced environmental education guidelines for the National Curriculum.
Her stunning pop up books encourage children to explore the world around them and ask big questions such as how did the universe begin and how do polar bears keep warm?

Author Fact File

  • Before writing pop-up books Christiane has worked for the WWF.
  • She aims to inspire children to take positive action to protect our planet.
  • She moved from her native Canada to the UK to study for a PhD in environmental education.

On the Bookshelf

How the World Began

How the World BeganHow did the universe begin? Where did humans come from? Why did Darwin cause such a commotion? And how did the Romans conquer the world? Through the use of pop-ups, flaps and booklets, ‘How the World Began’ is an exploration of the history of our planet, from the birth of the universe to ancient civilisations, the present and even the future of the earth.

How Animals Live

How Animals LiveWhy is the rainforest so popular? How do polar bears keep warm? Which creature is so tough it has survived in outer space? Answering these questions and many more, ‘How Animals Live’ takes children on a world tour to find out how animals have cleverly adapted to life, from the freezing poles to the hottest, driest deserts.

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