Which ‘Foxy’ goalkeeper will be this weekend’s Super Saver?

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Hello! It’s your favourite football tactician and analyst, Bob Friendly! I’m here to fill your brains with the latest footie gossip, and to exhibit the best goalkeepers from around the globe.

Here’s a short recap on our #SuperSavers so far.

Last week, we crowned the highly skilled Manuel Neuer as our #SuperSaver of the week. Thanks to the terrific shot-to-save ratio in Germany’s game against the Czech Republic, Neuer received another super award from us for having the most clean sheets! So far in the World Cup qualifiers, he has conceded a total of 0 goals which has impressed the pundits! We also gave another award out last week. This time to Gianluigi Buffon for the best save of the weekend – a marvellous one handed save off the line. He definitely appears to be getting better with age, much like a fine Italian wine! Did you also know that Buffon was 6th in the 2015/2016 UEFA best player in Europe award. This was the highest place goalkeeper!

Did we all enjoy the World Cup qualifiers last week? I certainly did! Newly appointed manager, Gareth Southgate, led England out against Slovenia on Tuesday night. The result was a draw (0-0) – how miserable! But England achieved one point from the draw, so there’s that at least. Unfortunately, England were sluggish and lethargic but thanks to Joe Hart, who stole the show with his first-rate saves, Slovenia were unable to gain the lead.

Which keeper is one to watch?

What’s to come this weekend, I hear you ask? I’m heading back to the Premier League and can’t wait to dust off my microphone and polish up my goalie gloves. It’s match day eight in the league, and we are expecting some competitive clashes. Clashes that see Liverpool take on Manchester United, and Chelsea take on last year’s champions, Leicester. Those fixtures are bound to cause some controversy!

As always, ahead of the weekend, we’re here to bring you a prediction on who we think will be a #SuperSaver, using statistics from previous Premier League matches to do this. This week we predict that Kasper Schmeichel of Leicester City will win our #SuperSaver award! So far this season, Schmeichel has two out of five clean sheets, making 21 saves in total which is incredible! On Monday, we will also be announcing the ‘best save’ and the ‘most clean sheets’ winners, so keep your Twitter feed rolling because you won’t want to miss those! Follow me @BobSuperSaver

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