Top tips for saving cash!

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Here at Scottish Friendly House, deep in Glasgow’s Blythswood Square, we thought we’d seen and heard all the money savings tips known to mankind over the last decade.

However the Great British public has proved to be as resourceful as ever and rose admirably to our latest challenge with a host of savings tips that can really help families be “quids in” during this period of rising prices and low growth in wages.

We received some really sensible and practical tips including many that recommended not splashing out on the old credit card. Michelle Bamber  is typical.  She recommends “only take cash with you when doing a grocery shop because that way, you’ll stick to your list and not be tempted to buy on impulse”.

It was good to see a number of you focusing first on putting money aside for the future. We liked Terri Kelly’s discipline of “putting some money away into savings as soon as I get paid.”  Terri, you’re a girl after our own hearts.

One tip suggests searching online for the best prices and another is to “try Aldi’s make up and face creams as they are very good and only a fraction of the price of those in other supermarkets and chemists.”   Other low cost retailers are of course available.

However after much deliberation, a cup of coffee and a sticky bun, the tip selected as our winner – £15 in M&S tokens (no slight to Aldi intended) – is to get on your bike! Both Kristy Leanne Brown and Maddalena Dalton suggested this so each will receive vouchers that they can put towards some cycling shorts.  As Kristy says:  “Get a bike and ditch the car – not only do you get fit, you save a fortune on petrol and parking.”

We think this is a great suggestion and hopefully some of us at Scottish Friendly House will take it up ourselves and trade in the joys of Glasgow’s bus and train network for a cycle to work – in the summer months at any rate!

Photo: SlipStreamJC/Flickr

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