The Great British Savings Challenge 3: The Supermarket Swap

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Could ditching the big supermarkets save you money? And how about switching big brand names for supermarket own, given the chance could you pass a blind taste test? The Great British Savings Challenge is more than saving families money; it’s about retaining good quality food but at a budget price. For challenge 3 we asked our participants to swap their usual supermarket and branded items for discount chains and supermarket own brands.

For Nikki, she chose Lidl to try out the supermarket swap, which for Nikki, brought much surprise on the quality and price. Nikki stated, “Lidl was a total treat. I spent £132 pounds and bought an absolute ton of food – nappies, wipes, bubble bath, rapeseed oil, flour, yeast, wipe able table clothes the list goes on and on.” £132 is amazing, Nikki normally spends between £150-200 a week so it was a big saving for her and could amount to an extra £280 a week in her pocket.

So what about the quality, did Nikki have to sacrifice on the quality of food to get the saving? Nikki explains, “The quality has been totally fantastic and my mum – an exclusive m&s shopper- was hoodwinked into thinking the chilli was made with all m&s ingredients!!
“Nobody noticed the difference with anything – including Lidl Special K not Kellogg’s and all the treats were consumed with joy!!
“Absolutely would shop there again even though it doesn’t have the convenience of on line – I did the same shop on Ocado to test the difference and it was £269. Free delivery doesn’t make up the difference!!!”

So what do you think? You could notice the difference in your bank balance but would you notice it on your tongue?

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