When you hear the beep, think of the fun you could be having…

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…saving cash on your weekly supermarket sweep! Not quite as catchy as the original catch phrase from the 90s game show Dale’s Supermarket Sweep, but trying to save money on your weekly shop can be fun.


The weekly trip to the supermarket isn’t most people’s idea of excitement, so we challenged our families to try and save on their usual grocery shop. This was challenge 2 of The Great British Savings Challenge!

Unlike Dale’s show where contestants had to dash round a store putting as much in their trolley as they could in 60 seconds, we challenged Natalie and Nikki to be more aware of what they were buying and to try and save between 10 and 20% on their usual weekly shopping bill.

Our participant Natalie, who lives on her own with her dogs, was already very strict with her food shopping, so she gave us some tips on how she does it.

“I find by writing a list around my planned meals for the week massively reduces my costs. I also shop at Aldi rather than the supermarkets near to me (Waitrose and Tesco), this alone probably reduces my spend by at least a 1/3”

She went on to add “Using up what I have in the cupboards, fridge and freezer, sounds like common sense, but when you really look you’d be surprised how much you find.” You get a Dale’s Bonus for that one Natalie.

Nikki, from the Watts family and mum of three, loved this challenge!

We gave Nikki a swanky shopping list & pen and she told us she saw a real difference by making a list each week. She also found that shopping online was a great help too, especially as she gets free deliveries for a year, providing her minimum spend was over £40.

Normally Nikki would spend between £150 and £200 a week feeding her brood. She told us “the kids love adding to the list but the joy is they don’t get to throw unnecessary things into the trolley that I end up buying – this must save me £50 a month alone!”

Over 2 weeks of the challenge Nikki had managed to limit her spend to only £260 which is fantastic. Well done Nikki! Overall, she managed to save at least 25% on her weekly shopping with the aid of her trusty list and also being a bit more mindful about spending.

So rather than picking up Dale’s inflatable bonuses, our challengers managed to inflate their savings with Challenge 2 firmly under their belt.

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