Netflix or bills? Apparently we can’t decide!

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A new study reveals Brits spend more time dithering over insignificant, day-to-day decisions, than they do considering important financial matters.

The research, commissioned by Scottish Friendly*, reveals that people struggle far more making relatively trivial decisions about what to have for dinner or what to watch on Netflix than they do about making important choices about their financial future.

Deciding what birthday or Christmas presents to buy, what to wear on a night out or what to order in a restaurant are among the choices Brits struggle with most. More than a third of people (34%) say they regularly struggle to decide what gifts to buy for friends or family, while 28% struggle to decide what to have for dinner and nearly a quarter (24%) say they are frequently undecided on what to watch on the box.

In contrast, when it comes to personal finance, it appears Brits are far more decisive. Less than one in ten (8%) people say they struggle deciding which utility provider to sign-up to and only 5% of Brits agonise over which bank account to go for. Furthermore, deciding whether to dip into savings is a decision most people make relatively swiftly, as highlighted by 85% of respondents.

It is remarkable that many Brits find making important financial decisions a relative breeze. Considering the current economic uncertainty surrounding the election and Brexit, it is more important than ever that people do take the time to consider all the options available to them when it comes to money. It is crucial Brits make informed and considered financial choices or they risk running into problems in the future.

Here are the Top 20 most common day-to-day decisions Brits struggle with:

  1. Choosing birthday presents for other people
  2. Deciding what to wear when going out socially
  3. What to have for tea/dinner
  4. Choosing what to watch on TV
  5. Where to go on holiday
  6. What to order when in a restaurant
  7. Choosing what to wear on a typical day
  8. Finding something to watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.
  9. Choosing what items to pack when going away
  10. Whether to save or spend your money
  11. Picking a sandwich at lunchtime
  12. Which book to read next
  13. Whether to spend some of your savings
  14. Whether to go out or not (socially)
  15. What car to buy
  16. Whether to cook something or order a takeaway
  17. Whether that item of clothing you’ve already worn is clean enough to wear again
  18. When to take annual leave
  19. Whether to have the heating on or not
  20. Deciding upon a new hair style

*Research conducted by OnePoll among 2,000 UK adults.

No advice has been provided by Scottish Friendly. If you are in any doubt as to whether a savings or investment plan is suitable for you, you should contact a financial adviser for advice. If you do not have a financial adviser, you can get details of local financial advisers by visiting Advisers may charge for providing such advice and should confirm any cost beforehand.