5 valuable things you can give to a grandchild (apart from money)

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Research* shows that most grandparents love to save and invest for a grandchild. We know from our own experience that lots of grandparents put money away for their grandchildren. But that got us wondering – apart from money what else could you give a grandchild that will be of real, lasting value?

Scottish Friendly | 5 Valuable Things You Can Give To A Grandchild So we asked the real experts – grans and granddads around the country, including a survey conducted on the website www.Gransnet.com – to help us compile this Top 5.

At number 5. A piece of jewellery, or other family heirloom.

Lots of people like to pass on an object that brings a little bit of family history with it. It can be a great way to give a child something that makes a connection right back through the generations.

4. A favourite recipe (and teach them how to cook it).

This can be a good way to pass on a practical life skill as well as something personal. Learning one good recipe can be the first step on a lifetime of culinary adventures. Or at the very least it might mean they won’t end up eating carryout every night of their years at college or university.

3. Your favourite book from when you were their age.

This can be a lovely one to share, especially with younger grandchildren. Reading them a story that you loved when you were little can be a real bonding moment that you’ll both treasure.

2. Some ‘proper’ music

Of course this one might start a raging debate on what ‘proper’ music actually is. Whether you’re into the Viennese School of classical, the ‘Delta blues’, 70s prog rock, East Coast hip hop or Seattle grunge, if you’re passionate about it then why not share the love? Even better, if you held onto your original vinyl it’s now back in fashion again.

At the top. Timeless advice for a happier life

Judging by the response of the grandparents we talked to, this is one of the most popular and timeless things you can give to a grandchild. Suggestions ranged from “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened,” to “Value friends more than money”.

Is there something you wish you’d known when you were younger? Or did a grandparent pass on some invaluable advice that you’ve lived by ever since? Let us know using the comments box below, and you never know, it might pop up in a future blog post.

Of course, money is always welcome too

If you do want to invest for a grandchild why not read our handy guide.

Remember, as with all stock market investments, they can go down as well as up and you could get back less than you have paid in.

Research* link.

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