See what it takes to be a top dinosaur keeper with our free game

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Scottish Friendly | Dinosaur Keepers

Click the image to play the Dinosaur Keepers game

If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a future dinosaur keeper, now’s your chance to prove it. Play our free game, Dinosaur Keepers, to test out your skills. No apps or downloads – all you need is a competitive streak (and perhaps a BA in Jurassic Development). And don’t forget to challenge your friends on Facebook to see who’ll be promoted to top dinosaur keeper first.

The object is to keep all the eggs warm – which, you’ll quickly discover, is dinosaur keeper training 101. The better your care, the better the dinosaur keeper you become. After all, you can’t hatch a terrific T-rex or a voracious Velociraptor without excellent care from day one.

It might be worth applying the same thinking to our kids’ futures. Our children have already got ideas of what they want to be when they grow up – a nurse, a teacher or even a dinosaur keeper. So, it could be worth getting a jump-start today to help their dreams come true. Whether that’s scoping out the highest-ranking Jurassic Academy or putting something aside each month that could help towards building a tidy lump sum.

We imagine there are a few things you’d need to kick off a career as a dinosaur keeper:

  • A ‘Driving with Dinos’ license
  • An internship with Stegosaurus & Son
  • An MSc Practical Palaeontology from a top university

So, a Junior ISA could be a good option to help out with some of these costs. Click to find out more about our Junior ISA.

Keep in mind stock market investments can go down as well as up, so your child could get back less than you’ve paid in. If the child withdraws money before the end of 5 years, there will be a £50 deduction from the withdrawal value.

Scottish Friendly | Dinosaur Keepers

Click the image to play the Dinosaur Keepers game

A helping hand with the education costs and a giganotosaurus amount of training – that’s what we reckon it’ll take to become a top dinosaur keeper. But what do the experts think? We asked Emmy Award winning freelance games designer (and budding T-rex keeper) Pete Shea what else he thinks a successful career in dinosaur keeping would need. He said:

“A diploma in Diplodocus expected; ability to stay calm during a dino crisis advantageous. Also a fast runner.”

So, a cool head and a decent set of Triassic-proof trainers. We also asked influential lifestyle blogger and dinosaur enthusiast Victoria Sully (Lylia Rose) what else she thinks you would need. She reckoned recruiters would be looking for someone:

“As tall as T-rex, as tough as Triceratops, as strong as Stegosaurus, as brave as Brachiosaurus and as venturesome as Velociraptor.”

With a CV like that, and one of our Dinosaur Keeper certifications to boot, you’re sure to be a strong candidate.

So, give it a go! See if you can rise all the way to the top of the keeper meter and be the best of the best.

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