The top 10 Christmas films, in my opinion.

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There’s nothing nicer than snuggling on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn, a hot chocolate and a Christmas movie. But what movie do you choose? To help relieve the stress of choosing, here’s my top ten of the greatest Christmas movies of all time. So whether you want to watch just one or go through the whole ten hopefully it gives you some inspiration and much needed sofa time.

10. The Nightmare before Christmas
A Tim Burton classic. Jack Skellington is known for frightening people in our world but he soon becomes bored so instead he finds Christmastown and plots to take over from Santa. Does he manage to succeed? Watch to find out.

9. The Grinch
There has just been a remake of the film ‘The Grinch’ and it’s a lovely feel good film. Created by Dr Seuss, the Grinch has become a well-known character at Christmas time. The Grinch and his dog companion Max go to extreme lengths to try and steal Christmas from the residents of Whoville. A good few laughs are to be had with this film.

8. Scrooged
Starring Bill Murray, Murray plays a Television President who gets his staff to work through the holiday period for the live production of A Christmas Carol. Doesn’t sound so bad right? However Murray’s character is mean and selfish but when three ghosts visit him before his production goes live, he realises just how mean he’s been and soon changes his ways.

7. Miracle on 34th Street (remake)
Who doesn’t love Richard Attenborough? Attenborough ends up filling in for Santa in the retail shop in the film. As he is so lifelike of Santa, children start really believing except for one little girl. Can he make her believe that Santa is real?

6. Daddy’s Home 2
I love the Will Farrell and Mark Wahlberg duo. They starred alongside each other in Daddy’s Home and have re-joined to create this Christmas feel good film. Daddy’s Home 2 is packed with stars including Mel Gibson and John Lithgow that sees the families come together at Christmas time. The kids acting skills are great and bring real humour to the film; they are definitely the highlight for me.

5. Polar Express
This is such a heart-warming film. It is definitely one to watch with the kids. Tom Hanks voices not just one character, but an impressive six. The polar express is a steam train taking children to the north pole, even those who are beginning to not believe.

4. National Lampoons Christmas vacation
If you like a bit of humour this is for you. The silliness of the antics of the family makes you laugh out loud. National Lampoon for me was the first time I had seen a house that had so many lights on it, you could have probably seen it from space.

3. Love Actually
Not a family film and it may be not be my husband’s favourite but I love it. It’s a story of the lives of different people on the run up to Christmas who are all connected in some way. Love stories galore.

2. Elf
What is there not to love about this film? A man elf who loves Christmas so much he helps to pass on the Christmas magic so in the end everyone believes in Santa helping him to deliver the presents. We even get to hear the soulful tunes of Will Ferrell and Zooey Deschanel.

1. Home Alone
This is the ultimate Christmas movie. Poor Kevin being left home alone while his family jet off for the Christmas period. Kevin thinks he has won himself a watch but soon realises, being home alone as a child is actually quite scary, especially when there are burglars about. If you love the movie, then check out the sound track it’s even better.

I hope you enjoyed making your way through the movies and they put you in the festive spirit!

Merry Christmas.

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