Cameras Worth Saving For

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Worth saving for...

We all know we should try to save more (yawn).

There are always those big investment pieces worth saving for. And when it comes to your children’s hobbies, sometimes these are more expensive than we would initially have thought.

Putting some money by every month is a great habit for when life’s bigger purchases come up, so you have some cash at your disposal to pay for the things that matter to you and your family.

Photography is a case in point. The array of camera options, not to mention the extra lenses, tripods and accessories, can make the price of being the next Annie Leibovitz eye-wateringly high.

Do you have a budding photographer at home?

How much can a decent camera really set you back? We all know that the biggest price tag doesn’t necessarily mean the best quality or value. And when it comes to cameras, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. So we’ve asked some influential UK bloggers for their expert input and advice on the best cameras for the job – from social media snaps and ‘selfies’, to family portraits and wedding photography, here are some insider top tips.

For simplicity and ease
Sony A5000 – from £449

Kelly O’Hanlon runs a successful lifestyle blog To Become Mum, documenting her adventures in motherhood. She recommends the Sony A5000 for anyone looking for a compact camera that’s small enough to take out and about, but also guarantees high quality photos.

“It offers great resolution and recording – perfect for vlogging. And it’s great for taking with us on special occasions or days out.”

Kelly’s biggest advice is defining your photography needs before beginning your search for your perfect camera – a more expensive camera doesn’t necessarily mean better photos. In Kelly’s case, she initially bought an expensive DSLR camera and found it was “too chunky to take out and about” and she “just didn’t get around to working out how to use it properly.”  In the end, Kelly decided to sell her DSLR and purchased the more portable, and less complex, Sony A5000 – which was far more suited to her needs.

For perfect portraits
Canon EOS 6D Mark II DSLR – from £1,549

“I shoot with a Canon 6D, which I bought second hand for £800” says Kristy Ashton, a professional photographer who specialises in wedding and engagement photography. Her website is full of whimsical and emotive images, taken against the beautiful Scottish landscape.

Kristy is a true believer that it doesn’t all lie in the ability of the camera, but “the principles of light and composition are far more important”. There are multitudes of resources and workshops available for today’s budding photographers, as well as college and university courses for those who may seek a career in photography.

“Lenses can make a real difference, especially when doing portraits. An expensive lens with a low F/stop can make an image very sharp and focus on the subject, where a poorer lens can struggle.”

For blogging and vlogging to your heart’s content
Olympus PEN E-PL8 – from £409

Natalie Redman from Up Your Vlog blogs about fashion, beauty, health and fitness. Her weapon of choice is the Olympus PEN: “These are great compact cameras that have interchangeable lenses, so they’re perfect for both beginners and advanced photographers.”

“Concentrate mainly on the light, and take the time to play with the contrast, highlighting and sharpening on whatever photo editor you use afterwards.”

For sensational selfies
Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II – from £529.99

Sarah Anguish documents family life, home décor, and everything in between in her blog Boo Roo And Tigger Too. She says that when it comes to the perfect selfie, the Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II is hard to beat.

“I love this camera – the flip screen allows you to capture that all-important photo no matter the angle. Flipping up to 180 degrees, it also means that you can frame the selfie shot you are taking. It also makes sure you have everything in the frame when creating videos.”

Sarah believes a smartphone can be just as good at photographing those special moments as a camera:

“I often turn to my smartphone to take photos of family and friends when we’re out and about.

She also recommends using the apps available on your phone:

“Free apps such as Snapseed mean you’re able to edit directly on your phone before sharing on social media.”

For whatever their future holds

Investing today can give you the financial power to fund your children’s future hobbies. Putting some money away each month may fund the next generation of budding photographers – whether it pays for equipment or college and courses. So, if you’re saving on a small scale or for the long-haul, find out more about how our Junior ISA can help you set your child up for their future. Capital at risk.

Happy Birthday ISA!

This year the Investment ISA celebrates its 20th anniversary. Since its creation, this tax-free way of saving has encouraged millions of people across the UK to save and invest in their futures, and those of their families. We passionately believe that investing is for everyone, which is why we continue to work hard to bring affordable Investment ISAs to all.

Stock market investments can go down as well as up and you could get back less than you’ve invested. Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and tax rules could change in the future. Tax-free means the investment grows free from tax, with the exception of any tax we’ve already paid on your behalf (for example on dividends from UK shares).

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