Competition Time with Catherine Rayner

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During February, Scottish Book Trust are taking the award winning author and
illustrator, Catherine Rayner on the Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour. This
event will be Catherine’s first tour with Scottish Book Trust and will see her visiting
schools all over Northern Ireland.

Competition Time

To celebrate Catherine’s tour, we are giving away a free copy of her picture book
Abigail. Beautifully illustrated and written by Catherine, you’ll be struck by the
stunning fold out night sky and adore the tale of Abigail the Giraffe and all her
friends, a wonderful story for bedtime reading.

To be in with a chance of winning your own signed copy of Abigail simply answer the
question below:

In the book, Abigail is a Giraffe who loves to count! In the Wild, Giraffe’s are often
found in the Savannas of Africa, what other animal is found there too?
1. Panda
2. Zebra
3. Sheep

Closing date is 12pm Thursday 28 February. To enter, please add your answer as
a comment below along with your name, who you would like the book to be
dedicated to and email address.

About Catherine

Catherine Rayner is a multi-award winning author and illustrator, taking inspiration
from her pets, often using them as models in order to study animals’ posture and
movement. After studying at Edinburgh College of Art, Catherine fell in love with the
city and continues to live there with her family. Her first book, Augustus and His
Smile was even inspired by the Tigers at Edinburgh Zoo which she spent hours
watching and sketching. She is passionate about what she does and uses her school
visits as a way to bring her work to life and inspire a new generation of writers and

On the Bookshelf

Sylvia and Bird
Sylvia and Bird tells the tale of the only dragon in the world, Sylvia and one day her
lonely life is turned round when she meets bird. This is a wonderful story of two
unusual friends and the challenges they face. The illustrations are just as magical as
the story and will have you wanting your very own dragon as a friend.


Everybody loves to count, but no one as much as Abigail! The story of the counting
Giraffe and all her friends is a marvel to look at and read. Her struggle to count her
fidgety friends will have you empathising with her from the very beginning. A great
bed time read, this book has been short and long listed for a number of awards
including the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal.

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  1. Pippa says:

    2. Zebra
    If I should win, please dedicate to my grandaughter Adèle.
    Thank you!

  2. Pippa says:

    2. Zebra
    If I should win, please dedicate to my grandaughter Adèle. Thank you.

  3. Alison Tait says:


  4. Benedetta says:

    2.zebra dedicato a Marzia

  5. Stephen Bullock says:

    2. Zebra Dedicated to Finn.

  6. Kirsty Crommie says:

    To Aimee, Emma, Isla and Lewis

  7. Alison Brien says:

    The answer is zebra.
    My dedication would be to Luke Webster

  8. Ann Ballinger says:

    The answer is Zebra

    If I’m lucky enough to win could you please dedicate the book to:

    Elliot & Felix Kinsella. – my beautiful little grandsons

    Thank you

    Ann Ballinger

  9. Madeleine Rich says:

    Zebra! 🦓 to Thomas were we to win please.

  10. Ailsa Yiu says:

    We adore Abigail in our house! If I win I would love for the copy to be dedicated to my nephew, Zachary, who loves to count backwards!
    Thank you 🙂

  11. Natasha Osborn says:

    2. Zebra

    Dedicate to: Emilia and Tilly

  12. Viola Dulamova says:


  13. Nicola Reed says:

    2. Zebra

  14. Sally Anderson says:

    A zebra! I’d love for the book to be dedicated to my brand new nephew, Leo (“the little lion”)!

  15. Rosemary Woodman says:

    A zebra is found in the African savannas and I would love this book to be dedicated to our first grandchild Rafael.

  16. Kendal Clayson says:

    I’d like to dedicate the book to my niece Freya

  17. Holly says:

    Answer is 2. Zebra 🙂

  18. Katie Budge says:

    Answer: zebra

    I’d love the book to be dedicated to my baby girl (she is due to be born in May, haven’t got a name yet so happy with baby girl) it will be her very first book. Her pram is covered in giraffes and they are her Nana’s favourites.

  19. Debbie Sims says:

    2. Zebra
    My name: Debbie
    Dedicated to: Samuel

    Thank you!

  20. Valerie says:

    No 2 Zebra

  21. Jessica Stevens says:

    It’s a zebra!

    To Abigail Boyd.

  22. mrs r mulcaster says:

    2. Zebra

  23. Anda says:


    Book dedicated to me, Anda

  24. Cathy Matthias says:

    Answer (2) Zebra
    I would love the book to be dedicated to me! It may sound odd (& a bit self indulgent), but here’s why…I’ve had a pretty rough last few months. At the start of the summer I was diagnosed with an ultra rare medical condition (which is lifelong, progressive and incurable), I was then diagnosed with womb cancer and had to have a hysterectomy and bilateral oopherectomy at the start of December. One thing that has given me joy through it all is looking at picture books and the amazing artwork they contain. I love Catherine Raynors work, I love giraffes, and my sister is called Abigail! Hope this helps you see why I’d really love the book to be dedicated to me!

  25. Andrea Leimontas says:

    Zebras live in the Savannas, too!

  26. Sharon says:

    Answer 2: zebra
    If I win, could the book be dedicated to the children of Rosewell Primary School.
    Thank you

  27. Patricia Oakes says:

    To Squidly, Divabella and Pib

  28. Karen halliday says:

    2. Zebra

  29. Christina says:

    Zebra – book for Ava Rose

  30. Jennifer Ashby says:

    Answer 2. Zebra
    I would love the dedication to Toby and Jet.
    Thank you.

  31. Catherine Bell says:

    2. Zebra! My name is Catherine Bell and I absolutely love picture books and collect them, if you wouldn’t mind dedicating it to me! ❤️❤️ 🦒

  32. Fiona Laing says:


  33. Lizzie says:

    2. Zebra

    For Tomas and Oscar

  34. Marie Hawes says:

    Answer is Zebra
    Please could it be dedicated to Hanna Hawes
    Thank you x

  35. Michaela Hannah says:

    Answer: Zebra
    I would love a book dedicated to Hugo

  36. Shannon says:


  37. Shannon McCarthy says:


  38. Christine Yang says:

    Answer is: Zebra

    I’d like to dedicate the book to: Olivia

    Email address:

  39. Rhonda Urschel says:

    2. Zebra

  40. Ciara maier says:

    2. Zebra

  41. Maria says:

    María. Dedicated to Barco de Papel. Sunny hugs from Colombia:)

  42. Morven Jones says:

    The answer is 2. A zebra

    If I were to be lucky enough to win I would give it to my lovely Lulu.

  43. Jenny Moss says:

    Zebras! (Or very lost sheep…)
    Book dedication would be for Astrid.

  44. Harriet Howarth says:


    Dedicated to ‘Amelie’ please

  45. Tegan Wright says:

    2. Zebra

    I would love the book to be dedicated to my sons Bertram and Wilfrid.

  46. Catherine says:

    2) zebra please can it be dedicated to Spike – fingers crossed! X

  47. Fiona English says:

    2. Zebra.
    Dedicated to George please 🙂

  48. Mary says:

    Zebras! 😉
    I’d love to win the book for myself. I love children’s books!

  49. Taslin Pollock says:

    Answer: zebra. I’d love the book to be dedicated to my children, Aaron and Aysha.

  50. Alrxandra says:


  51. Shaun McMahon says:

    Abigail is wonderful

  52. Nadine says:

    2. Zebra

    Dedicated to Nadine

  53. Katrina Thompson says:

    Dedicated to: James

  54. Elaine Allison says:

    Dedication to Eva Hogan

  55. Janet Grainger says:

    2. Zebra
    My wife jo, a big fan and the giraffe is her spirit animal.

  56. Kate Scoff says:

    2. Zebra


    The answer is 2. Zebra. Please dedicate in case of winning to my daughter Eugenie and son August. Merci Catherine

  58. Alison Favell says:



  59. Alison says:


  60. Roslin Talbot says:

    The answer is zebra. I’d like to book to be dedicated to Freya 😀

  61. Tania Murray says:


  62. Debora Wich says:


  63. Kirsty Millar says:

    2) Zebra
    Dedicated to my sons: Charlie and Hamish

  64. Tracy Ahern says:

    2.Zebra. If I won I’d like to have the book dedicated to my niece Charlotte who was a prem baby and whose Mum, a Scottish lass loves Giraffes.

  65. Lynda Elliott says:

    Zebra x

  66. Susan Guthrie says:

    Zebras are also found on the Savannas of Africa. I would like the book dedicated to Henry. Thank you.

  67. Amy says:

    2. Zebra
    For Harrison

  68. Maureen Wallace says:

    No 2. I would love to be able to read another of your books to my 3 1/2 year old grand son. I have followed you for a few years. Firstly I read a few of your books to my grand daughter in England (now 7) & brought them back home now to read to my grand son in Tasmania, Australia. Your paintings come alive as I read the stories. Fingers crossed. Maureen

  69. Jenny bruce says:


    Can I please dedicate this book to my daughters, Katie and Zoe
    Thank you x

  70. Jo Arnold says:

    B) zebras

    Dedication: to Wilfie

  71. Jenna Mitchelmore says:


  72. Emily says:

    Dedicated to Eleanor

  73. Renate Titze says:

    Answer: Zebra I love all from Catherine and would like to get Abigail for my little girl Marlene. So I hope the best…Greetings from Gernany, Renate.

  74. Joseph says:

    The answers Zebra, Joseph is the name id like in the book and my email is

  75. Karon Hazelhurst says:

    2. Zebras 🦓
    “For Karon and her Storytime children”

  76. Sarah feasey says:

    2. Zebra. Molly Ellen Elaine would love to have this book.

  77. Ali Rae says:

    2. Zebra
    Dedicated to Arran please

  78. Stacey Walsh says:

    2). Zebra

    For Isobel, Emily & Henry Walsh

  79. Emma Spence says:


    Dedication: Nia, my wide eyed niece

  80. Autumn Paterson says:

    Zebras! Dedicated to Boston, Nash and Baker

  81. Rebecca Stone says:

    The answer is B.) Zebra
    My name is Rebecca Stone but would love the chance for the book to be dedicated to my son Isaac Stone as he loves your books and animals ❤️

  82. Hilary Anderson says:

    Answer: zebra
    This would be for my son Oscar – who loves animals and also loves to count… perfect! ❤️

  83. Maxine says:

    2. Zebra

  84. Alice Crobbe says:

    2. Zebra

    Dedicated to Freddie

  85. Alison Tait says:

    Answer is Zebra.
    If I win I would like to the book dedicated to “Peebles Library”

  86. Simon Smith says:

    Dedication ‘to Finn’

  87. Georgie Agass says:


  88. Rachel Griffiths says:


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