Holidays Worth Saving For

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Whether it’s travelling to the far-flung corners of the globe, or exploring a little closer to home, a holiday is the perfect opportunity to relax, unwind, and see things from a different perspective. This is particularly important when you have kids – be it making special memories together as a family, or waving them off when they’re older and want to explore the world before starting university or work.

So look no further if you fancy some inspiration for the next break – we’ve got some great tips to get your holiday plans underway.

And remember to keep an eye on the long-term – if you save regularly now, you can help to make a future holiday truly special for your kids. Not only would you have the freedom to do some great things together on a family trip, but you can give them a financial boost when they’re venturing out to travel the world on their own.

For the travelling foodie: Spain

The culinary offerings in Spain are a major draw for travel and expat blogger Sonja Thomson, who has created the popular travel blog Migrating Miss. For Sonja, a huge part of travelling is experiencing unusual and inspiring foods. To find those hidden gems that tantalise the taste buds, she researches restaurants and geographical locations in plenty of detail:

“Aside from paella and traditional tapas, there are many regional variations of Spanish cuisine that deserve to be explored, like the delicious seafood and the fideua in the Costa Brava, and well as the North African influences in the south, and the Celtic influences in the Asturias.

There are also many talented chefs that are combining traditional Spanish food with other influences from around the world, and so you can find many fusion dishes and fabulous restaurants throughout the country.”

Think outside the box

Sonja explains that often a destination is popular among visitors for just one thing, and many people overlook what else is on offer:

“Although many people visit Spain for the sun and the beaches, the Spanish cuisine is actually a fantastic reason to go. Spain doesn’t get enough credit for their gastronomy, but it’s actually a foodie’s dream and my top choice for a holiday worth saving up for!”

For the ultimate family adventure: a road trip abroad

Claire Hall runs the award-winning family travel blog Tin Box Traveller. Her blog is packed with ideas to make travelling with children (and a dog) simple and fun.

Her dream family holiday would be a big one – a USA road trip, taking in North Carolina and Tennessee, before heading on to Texas and Mississippi:

“We’d alternate our stops at hotels, campsites and luxury villas for a few weeks at a time depending on what took our fancy. The plan would be vague and we’d follow our noses.

Sounds like an impressive undertaking, but Claire has it all worked out to a tee – you can find out more about her dream holiday stateside here.

The Packing List

Holidaying with the family can be fun, but a bit of forward planning doesn’t hurt if you have kids to organise. Claire advocates a planning list:

“I’m a great believer in these. Even if the weather is forecast to be sunny, I fill our bags with clothes for all eventualities. We rarely pack light with two children and a dog!”

For the wildlife lover – Namibia, Africa

A safari holiday is difficult to beat, and not many people know this better than Margherita Ragg from The Crowded Planet. Together with her partner Nick, she regularly visits places abroad specifically to see wildlife:

“One of the best places I’ve ever been was Etosha National Park in Namibia. The vegetation is sparse and there are only a few water sources throughout the park, meaning that animals tend to congregate around water holes, especially around sunrise and sunset.

Some rest camps are located near waterholes, and it’s possible to look at elephants, zebras, rhinos and more with a sundowner in your hand – one of my best memories of Africa!”

Do your research

Margherita recommends doing a bit of homework before undertaking a safari holiday:

“It’s a shame that we weren’t able to make the best out of one of our safaris, because of our poor choice of safari operator. I could never stress enough the value of doing one’s own research when picking a safari company.”

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For the simple pleasures – West Wales

Travel doesn’t have to mean backpacking your way around the world. Journalist and content creator Amy Pay recommends taking the time to explore the world a little closer to home.

“For a relaxing break I’d recommend a week-long road trip around Pembrokeshire in West Wales. It’s the UK’s only coastal national park, with 186 miles of breath-taking coastline, over 50 beaches and wildlife spotting opportunities abound.

Jump into the dazzling Blue Lagoon at Abereiddy (a disused quarry filled with azure-coloured sea water); stroll the streets of cute shops and the sandy bays of Tenby; try surfing at Whitesands, a beautiful beach with rock pools to clamber on and explore; visit St David’s, the smallest city in the UK (do make sure to pop to The Meadow for coffee and cake).

There are unforgettable walks in just about every village and town. Hire out a cottage, old farm house or a spot on a campsite and become at one with nature.”

You don’t have to go to the ends of the earth to find yourself

“The great thing about wellbeing is that you don’t have to be in a specific place to take care of it. Staying in the UK will leave you with pocket money to spend on little mood-boosting luxuries along the way.”

For whatever the future holds

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