Competition time with Mara Menzies

For a week in June, Scottish Book Trust are taking the storyteller and author Mara Menzies on the Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour. This will be Mara’s first tour with Scottish Book Trust and will see her performing to schools across South Wales.

Competition Time

To celebrate Mara’s tour, we are giving away a free copy of her book Koko the Crocodile written by Mara and illustrated by Camilla Adams. Koko the crocodile, who lives on the Nile, has a sore head and the wise old Baboon tells him that eating monkey liver will solve his headache. Koko tries to trick Monkey into being eaten, but will he succeed?

To be in with a chance of winning your own signed copy of Koko the Crocodile simply answer the question below:

The Nile River runs through which continent?

1. Europe
2. Africa
3. Asia

Closing date is 12pm Thursday 27 June 2019. To enter, please add your answer as a comment below along with your name, who you would like the book to be dedicated to and email address.

About Mara

Mara is passionate about bringing African stories to life, her stories range from traditional folklore to tales about historical characters. She is keen to share the wonders of Africa through the spoken word. She spent the first 13 years of her life in Kenya, and grew up listening to traditional tales and stories which are the inspiration for her performances.

On the Bookshelf
Koko the Crocodile
This rhyming story book is based on a traditional African tale about a poorly crocodile who seeks medical advice from a baboon. Koko is told to find and eat a monkey’s liver, and sets off downstream to find a suitable monkey. But Monkeys are far too clever to be tricked out of their liver.

This delightful and enchanting tale teaches about the power of working together. The beautiful Starbird has wings that sparkle like jewels, and at night she would fly up into the sky and makes the stars shine. But one night she and her chicks are caught by a hunter. Who will help her escape and will she light the stars again?

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