Scottish Friendly’s Top Tips & Ideas for Father’s Day

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To those who are lucky enough to be known as ‘Dad’,’Daddy’,’Pops’, ‘Father’, ‘Father-in-law’,  this Sunday we all get a chance to spoil the men in our lives. Of course it can be a headache to those having to buy the present. I mean what do you get the man who has everything? One year I was struggling so I asked my dad what he would like. He thought he would be funny and asked for a Porsche. “Sure Dad, I can get you that”. Of course, he did get one. I had to. After all he asked for it. I got him a corgi model Porsche 911. I sat it in the driveway, led him out with his eyes closed (with him getting all excited) then told him to open his eyes. As the tears streamed from my eyes with laughter, Dad stood with huge disappointment to see what he thought was going to be the car of his dreams, just a small toy in his drive. I thought it was very funny, and eventually so did he. For me, it was a great gift as it created a memory that I will keep forever.

Presents for ‘Dad’ don’t need to cost the earth, sometimes it’s just needs a bit of imagination. Being the Marketing Manager for Scottish Friendly it was easy enough for me to come up with something a little bit different. However if you’re struggling to think ‘outside the box’, below are some ideas that could help give you inspiration;

  • Create activity notes and pick out one to do as a family e.g. local walks whether it’s a park, or even at a local wind farm open to the public. It’s a great way to get fresh air, get fit and spend time with Dad.
  • Get the kids to create a video with acting, music and even dancing. Getting a video made just for them from the kids is something they can keep but also keep for their kids 18th or 21st J making it a gift that’s keeps on giving.
  • Breakfast with a twist. Its father’s day after all so it should be a breakfast they don’t get often. Why not try pancakes and nutella, ice-cream with sprinkles or how about nachos?
  • Or if Dad asks for a car, why not try my trick above?

Above are just a few ideas. Father’s day is about celebrating Dad and thanking him for doing everything he does. So whatever you get up to make sure you create a memory that will last forever. Happy Father’s Day from Scottish Friendly.

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