Scottish Friendly’s Junior ISA Christmas Radio Day

Kevin Brown, Savings specialist for Scottish Friendly, discusses what JISA’s are, the benefits, and why they are an important consideration for the next generation.

Kevin Brown Radio Day

Kevin Brown’s Radio Day

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The world is constantly changing, as is everything. Transformational technology, fluctuating economies, evolving societies, and shifting leadership. However, nevertheless, radio has remained, more than a century later, one of the most dynamic, reactive, and engaging ways to reach out to existing, and potentially new customers for Scottish Friendly.

The reach of radio is everlasting, whether it’s listening to Greg James on your 8am commute to work, or Scott Mills on your way to pick up your child from school. There is also a unique value in its diversity, continuing to take up new technological forms. With the UK radio market size sitting at £1.3 billion at the end of 2021, (Ibisworld 2021) today you can listen to radio on almost any device, including laptops, computers, phones, televisions, and even smart speakers.

Its immediate delivery allows brands like Scottish Friendly to communicate their message to targeted, yet large audiences. To put this into perspective, as of 2022, c50 million people listen to the radio each week for an average of over 20 hours, (Anon, 2022) and it’s reckoned that 1 in 3 people (On-Broadcast, 2022) will act on something they hear on-air. This audience presents a significant opportunity for organisations to participate in a radio day, which is why our savings specialist, Kevin Brown was recently interviewed by radio stations across the UK in the run-up to Christmas.

So, what is a radio day?

Radio stations are constantly looking for interesting and engaging content which creates vital opportunities for PR stories. Radio days involve both pre-recorded and live interviews across an average of around 15 stations in one morning. For this reason, it is key that they are fully briefed on key messages prior to the interviews.

Kevin Brown, savings specialist at Scottish Friendly participated in a radio day on the morning of Thursday 15th December to speak about Junior ISA’s and why they could potentially be a good idea as part of a gift towards a child’s Christmas.

Scottish Friendly’s research shows parents ability to put money away for the next generation is at risk due to the cost-of-living crisis that we’re currently facing in the UK. In fact, almost half of UK households have said their ability to save and invest for their children has reduced over the past 12 months, and over a third are concerned they won’t be able to save any money for their children at all.

Kevin Brown said: “We are keen to be educators for those who want to know more about how they can make their money work harder as we believe investing should be for everyone, regardless of age, regardless of income, and regardless of any previous financial experience.

“A radio day doesn’t however always go to plan. The first one, a so called ‘drive-time’ interview took place at 5.15am. I then had until 9.15am, until the second interview, but you can’t go back to bed as the adrenaline has already kicked in. And then, three minutes before the scheduled 9.15am, the fire alarm goes off in the studio, so we had to evacuate. Luckily enough the technical team were awesome, quick, super-efficient and managed to reschedule – this was with Adam Cox at Share Radio, who really knows his stuff, working for one of the largest finance related London radio studios who also cover the whole of the UK, so we didn’t want to miss this opportunity.

“It just goes to show that not everything goes plain sailing on the radio waves.

“Sorry for that one but I couldn’t resist.”

Find out more about Scottish Friendly’s Junior ISA by visiting Junior ISAs (JISA) – Children’s ISA | Scottish Friendly

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