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Managing your Child Trust Fund

In September 2020, children who were amongst the first Child Trust Fund policy holders will start to turn 18. If you are one of these children you will now be able to manage the money.

What are my options?

You have a choice of three exciting options. You can transfer to an ISA with us to continue investing, withdraw your money or a combination of both.


All of the money in your Child Trust Fund can be transferred to an Investment ISA (also known as a Stocks & Shares ISA) with Scottish Friendly.


You can withdraw all the money and get it paid straight to your bank account.


Some of the money in your Child Trust Fund can be transferred to our Investment ISA and you can withdraw the rest.

What do I need to do?

Step 1

You'll need to register for MyPlans to manage your Child Trust Fund online and fill out a security check form - we just need a few details to make sure its really you.

Step 2

We'll email you to let you know when the check has been completed and you're good to go.

Step 3

Make your decision about what to do with your money. Thinking about transferring to an ISA? Once you're registered for My Plans you can apply for a My Choice (ISA)

Step 4

Log in and get your ISA transfer, money withdrawal, or a combination of both underway. No matter what option you choose, you'll need to have a UK bank account.

Getting started now

Register to manage your Child Trust Fund online with My Plans and start taking control of your money today. Keep your letter to hand when registering as you will require your client reference ID, policy number, date of birth and postcode.

Need an offline application?

If for any reason, you can't complete your application online, you can download and print the documents you need for an offline application. Please note you need to read our Product Guide and Key Information Documents before downloading the application form. Click here to get the documents you need.

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